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Hero 9 Rear Screen not working after manual update (1.52)

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Got my Hero 9 for Christmas, worked great for a while. Then the rear screen didn't display anything when I turned it on one time. So I did the normal thing you do with GoPros and turned it off then back on and it worked fine. Then it began not displaying anything on the back screen more frequently and I just kept turning it off then back on until it displayed something. Then I realized the screen was actually turning on and the touch functionality was still there but no image. I contacted support via chat and the guy had me do a manual update but I guess he had a hot date or something because he didn't stick around long enough to see if that worked or not. Well it didn't and now I'm here. 


My use history with the camera has been very light. It has been used as a dashcam so far. I intended to take it with me on the dirtbike when the snow melts but haven't had that chance yet. The camera has fallen about 6" once or twice and seen temps as low as 15F and probably 73F so far. No visible damage I can see on the camera.


The camera still functions mostly because I can still connect my phone to it and control it that way if I need to change the capture settings but if I get a new phone or if I factory reset the camera I'm done for.


Anyone else with this problem? I've seen just 2 other cases involving this in my internet sleuthing. 

My best guess is it's a software problem but I don't work at GoPro or have any idea at all how these things work but since the screen still turns on and registers touch input I suspect software. 


Case Number I was given is 09328545.

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Re: Hero 9 Rear Screen not working after manual update (1.52)

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Hi @tjt4

Thank you for sharing your experience and sorry for any trouble caused.

We have tagged the team handling your case.

They will be getting back to you soon.