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Hero 9 Live-streaming Issues/Impressions

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Hi, after 2 weeks of livestreaming with the Hero 9, here are a few noticeable differences ive encountered so far.


GoPro App

- With the GoPro app version 7.01, wifi connection was not able to be found despite several refresh attempts.

I had to revert to 7.0 for it to connect to my hotspot to go live. Took a few attempts but it worked.

- Bitrate monitoring is more up to date/responsive.

- Basically the same which


Side Note: Connecting to wifi/hotspot is noticeably found faster on iphone 7+ in comparison to my samsung s10+


Audio Desync

- When in areas of poor signal & encountering low bitrate, instead of DC'ing (disconnecting) it appears the Hero 9 sacrifices the audio to keep the stream alive. Therefore the audio is desynced from the visual. The only way to fix it is the essentialy end stream & restart. A bit of an annoyance as encountering poor signal areas is likely to happen. I never had this issue with the 8 or 7. I'd be more understanding of this had there been improvements/support in other streaming areas but there isnt.


Battery Life

- I manage to get a bit over 2hrs of livestreaming in 720p with the display brightness on 10%, where as the 8 which gives me 30-45m less in comparison. A nice improvement for someone like me who streams for typically 4hrs at a time & prefers to be wireless.


Stream Quality

- Runs a bit smoother/less jittery than the 8, however nothing to write home about or justifiable enough to upgrade from the 7 or 8.

- Dissapointing, nothing looks improved upon here.



Overall, this release feels like the live-streaming community was duped when this GoPro is advertised as "More Everything".

A front screen to lineup shots wont matter if I cant stream.

Im even tempted to return to using my cellphone instead for the better quality & stream customization tools.

Hoping some firmware updates can polish up a clearer final product.


Feedback is always welcomed.




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Re: Hero 9 Live-streaming Issues/Impressions

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I'm trying to understand the streaming "quality" of the GoPro 9 as well.


Basically, it seems like the encoder they use is very peculiar. Like, I get the video stream will become pixelated at lower bitrates, but it seems like whatever "smoothing" they apply (or lack therof?) makes it look like crap.


Example image:



Particularly bad when there are trees with leaves/choppy lake water/zones that are "busy" with detail.


Imagine a high resolution video game without any sort of anti-aliasing or whatever. It's maybe an acceptable number of pixels but it needs some type of smoothing/interpolation/whatever to just make it look cleaner.


So yeah, disappointing!


Can GoPro do some sort of update to the encoder side of things?

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Re: Hero 9 Live-streaming Issues/Impressions

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Bleh, no way to edit a post?


So here's that link again:


As a still image, it doesn't look so bad, but if you watch the video it's just so "gritty" or "grainy" compared to any other 480/720p broadcast or even a YT video.

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Re: Hero 9 Live-streaming Issues/Impressions

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Hello @ebikeadventures


Which platform are you streaming to?

Did you try it via RTMP?

Was it via Wi-Fi or Hotspot?

Did you try switching to another network?


You may also check





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Re: Hero 9 Live-streaming Issues/Impressions

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I am having the same issue. I am unable to live stream, it is not saving a backup and today I tried to live stream via twitch, It appeared to be working, but when I went to twitch to see the recording, nothing was there and there was nothing on my camera. I am trying to troubleshoot now, having spent a couple of hours now trying to figure out what is wrong and I am all alone, with no tech support from gopro. I promise you this, I didn't spend $500 on this camera for so many headaches when I can live stream very easy from my iPhone.