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Wow is it just me or is the GPS data beyond sub standard.
Speed is not registering properly
Location tracking is showing STRAIGHT lines when I'm riding on winding country lanes

QUIK doesnt even pick up and GPS data in the video file saying that I need to enable GPS!!!

Very tempted to send back to gopro for a refund and go for a Gamain...

At least they dont have GPS tracking issues in their forums!

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Re: Hero 9 GPS FAIL

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There are two problems here:


1- Many Hero9 units seem to have a faulty GPS antenna. The data is unusable and it's not clear whether this can be fixed via firmware.

2- The Hero8 and 9 GPS data is not compatible with Quik for Windows or macOS. You can find some alternative software to edit your videos with telemetry gauges here:

Or you can modify your files with this tool I created to make them compatible with Quik:

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: E...