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Hero 9 Black produces pink/green band in bottom part of the screen in some cases

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I recorded a time lapse this afternoon while walking in a forest. Instead of applying the correct video profile for this time of day, I had accidentally put it in Night Lapse mode (1080, 10 second interval, other settings left to defaults), and for some reason, the resulting video contains a small noisy band at the very bottom edge of each and every frame. Its color alternates between predominantly pink and light or dark green. I assume this is a bug. Has anyone else noticed a similar thing? A quick search on this forum didn't return any results.


Note that this is a fresh new Hero 9 which I just received last week. This was about the 6th video sequence I took with it in total, and the first one today. Firmware is up-to-date, 1.22 at the time of writing.


Attached is a single frame from this video, I'll post a link to the entire video once it's uploaded.

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Re: Hero 9 Black produces pink/green band in bottom part of the screen in some cases

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Hi @gpbart


What SD card are you using?

What application did you use to play the files back?

Do you observe the same on the GoPro App?




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Re: Hero 9 Black produces pink/green band in bottom part of the screen in some cases

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Hi Ej,


Hmm looks like GoPro Quik (version, Windows desktop edition) may be the problem. I just observed that:

- For this video, every single frame exposes the problem when playing back

- Thumbnail is also affected in the media view, with a noisy band that is proportionally smaller (about 2 pixels on my screen, in bright pink).

- Looks like the thumbnail from *all* videos actually show the same problem, albeit less noticeable, because by chance, they are all dark green, which doesn't really show against the dark background of the app itself.

- I have one vertical video (an accident) which shows the band in the same place of the image, but of course the image is rotated, so it shows a rotated band as well.


I'm pretty sure the new 32GB SD card that came with the bundle is not the problem. Most likely it's GoPro Quik (Windows desktop edition, as all other players I've tried don't show the problem. It could still be that the GoPro Hero9 Black produces videos which are slightly out-of-spec and are corrected for by the other codecs, but I suspect Quik is at fault.


Yes, I know a mobile app is offered as an alternative now. I'm a desktop guy myself though (I'm a software engineer, what can I say?). I'd rather use the full power of my mouse, keyboard and big screen, with a pretty much instantaneous access to the videos on the memory card, as opposed to working with a small screen, or having to wait for the (big!) uploads to complete before I can do the magic. Then again, maybe Quik isn't the best software for this. It does play the videos very quickly though compared to some of the editors I've tried om my late 2015, early 2016 laptop.


If you can find and fix the error, that's nice. If you don't, well, I guess I'll find another solution. Glad to see that the video doesn't seem to be as corrupt as I initially feared it might be!


Oh, the video still isn't uploaded. Quik is working on it, but (after I squinted my eyes almost tight to read it on my 4K screen) it still only has uploaded about 200MB out of 4G total. It's taking its time for sure (and I closed my laptop last time, which I'm about to do now as well, gotta go places). When it has, I can still post a link if it helps.

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Re: Hero 9 Black produces pink/green band in bottom part of the screen in some cases

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The file finally completed uploading, but it's

a) Unwatchable. Not sure what crude compression is applied in playback mode, but it looks like I'm watching a series of JPGs which were compressed to fit on a 1985 floppy disk

b) Don't show the artifacts I see locally in Quik

c) Impossible to share somehow. When hitting the Share button in the 3 dot menu, I'm getting a message to "Select Something To Share First". Although a thumbnail of the video is in fact shown, I can't interact with it. Selecting this video and an image first, and trying to share them both, results in a similar unworkable experience.


The link that is usable to me is, but unlikely to anyone else (at least outside of GoPro internal support, I'd hope):


What is going on here? Am I not worthy to the digigods?