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Hero 9 Black -- Help me understand working with files

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I get that for any serious editing, I should probably just eject the SD card and use 3rd party editing software ... but I want to understand the other options. Yesterday, I shot some video on my Hero9. I have the following setting checked off: Mobile Upload = Yes; Use Cellular Data = Yes. Some of the videos were uploaded yesterday to the cloud, some were not. What I see on my iPhone GoPro App right now:


Under bottom tab "David HERO9 Black" (my camera name)

* I see the 4 uploaded clips and several more clips. The camera auto shut off after a while yesterday. 

* I can't tell if the other clips are being uploaded right now or not. There is no indication of activity on either the phone or the camera.


Under bottom tab "Media"

* I see the 4 uploaded clips. I do not see the other clips. 

* The "APP" vs "CLOUD" tabs both only show the same 4 clips.


Under bottom tab "Story"

* I see the 4 uploaded clips. I do not see the other clips


Questions about the philosophy of file transfer based on me having selected the MOBILE UPLOADS = YES option:

* Is the philosophy that clips will automatically be uploaded (even though I can't see any indication) to the cloud; that the clips are then automatically removed from the SD card; and that only once in the cloud could I use the "STORY" function of the phone to make a quick little clip?


I just want to try to understand this a bit better incase I'm away and don't have my laptop but want to create a little story from a few clips that I just shot. Please help me understand how I should be thinking about this.




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Re: Hero 9 Black -- Help me understand working with files

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Hello, @daringpeak8274. For guidance, will you be able to post a screenshot showing the page/s on the app? 


When Mobile Upload is enabled on the app, this means that any media under the APP tab (imported from the camera to the app) will automatically be uploaded to the Cloud (if you are logged in to your GoPro Subscription account). 


To determine what the status of the upload is, consider the icons below: (source: GoPro Subscription - Mobile Upload)

  • CLOCK - Item is queued for upload
  • CLOUD+UP - Item uploading
  • CLOUD+CHECK - Upload completed
  • EXCLAMATION - There was an error uploading

If "Use cellular data?" is enabled, this means that the upload can happen automatically using either a Wi-Fi network (which your phone is/was connected to) + data. 


The Stories can be used any number of times. Tapping on one will open the multi-clip editing page so you can customize/edit your video. 


Feel free to post back for further questions or concerns.