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Hero 9 4k Linear 30FPS footage not crisp indoor (Well lit, mounted to record drawing artwork)

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Hey Friends (we are friends, right?)


I bout the Hero 9 specifically to record overhead shots of my drawing, painting, etc and so far it has been a POOR purchase.  For reference, I'm recording about 12-18 inches about the drawing surface, I'm super well lit with multiple light sources (including daylight during, the, um, day) and have used the following specs including the stock 4k Linear settings...





Hypersmooth Boost 

Bit Rate High

Shutter (both Auto and 1/60)

ISO Min 100 and Max 800 OR up to 1600 MAX

White Balance is Auto

Sharpness High and Medium 

Color GoPro


I've downloaded the footage from both the SD card AND the App to both my iPad Pro, iPhone and PC and it seems slightly out of focus, blurry, not sharp--the fidelity of the detail just isnt crisp.  I've tried editing the footage in both LumaFusion on the iPad and in PremierPro on the PC--Still looks like Garbage in Luma but perhaps slighttly less like garbage in Premiere?  


I'm clearly doing something wrong...I just can't figure it out.  In contrast, recording 4k 30 on the iPhone from the same height, gives me super rock solid footage with zero distortion or fuzziness...


Help Obi Wan Kenobi, you are my only seriously, I need help...I've I'm going to return this thing, I have two days...




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Re: Hero 9 4k Linear 30FPS footage not crisp indoor (Well lit, mounted to record drawing artwork)

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You can try with lowering the Hypersmooth,
It needs a lot of light to work properly.
So for indoor try with Hypersmooth just on or turn it off. That should increase the picture quality.
If you need stabilization, try Linear plus horizontal.
Overall, GoPro is an action camera, and main benefits are when shooting outdoor with plenty of light.

So my recommended settings for indoor:
4:3 4k 24fps ( use the whole sensor to catch more light)
Hypersmooth on
Bit rate High
Shutter 48 or (96 preferable if possible)
ISO Max 400 (800 does produce a significant amount of noise)
White balance 4000k (might need to change it, so add it as a shortcut)
Sharpness Low or Medium ( after 1.22 the Medium is acceptable )
Color Flat ( you can use GoPro as well)