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Hero 8 switches settings under water

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Just got back from another snorkling trip. My Hero 8 kept switching settings immediately after coming in contact with the water...again. First in Thailand and now in the Florida Keys. I'm not sure if it's a salt water issue but I think it might be.


I tried switching between every single setting including altering the presets. No dice.


I was able to make adjustments as soon as I surfaced but as soon as I submerged, the camera would swtich to a random setting, the screen would flip upside down, the touch screen and buttons were completely unresponsive.


Is this a firmware thing or does the 8 require a case when in salt water. I'm thinking the case.



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Re: Hero 8 switches settings under water

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 when the camera is  turned on, swiped down and  the LOCK is  chosen , then you are saying it still switches to any setting? (2).gif