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Re: Hero 8 super hot

After contacting support, following the process to reformat, download the SD card format application, and leaving the camera on record for 30-60 min, the GoPro 8 failed and became extremely hot after just 15-20 min. The camera would shutdown as well. All camera defaults were set on the unit with a temp of 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the room of testing. It got too hot to hold everytime; however, it did not shutdown everytime. Maybe 1 out of 3 test.


Support was very responsive and asked me to ship the 8 back to them as I did and the package arrived yesterday. I did ask the replacement to be expidited back as I have an event on the 24th of Nov.


Thank you GoPro and customer support!!

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Re: Hero 8 super hot

Thanks for sharing. That's encouraging that gopro support is so helpful in replacing the over temp camera. I'm still trying to find time to test my camera and I hope I'll know soon if it's still over heating after the manual firmware update. Even tho it's the same firmware version.