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Hero 8 > Hypersmooth doesnt work well

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Hey folks.


I need to rise a question here before contacting GoPro support.

I've put my Hero 8 to a RC aircraft (fixed wing) which seems to have issues with hypersmooth.


The camera was updated to fw 1.60 after I got it in spring, uses the original, original battery and stores files to a SanDisk Extreme SD card (red/golden one, 128GB, V30 U3 A2), reformatted in the GoPro prior usage.

For settings I've tried 4K and 2k7 in 30 and 60 FPS with each available hypersmooth settings like on, high and boost.


For reference I've uploaded unstabilized footage from the same day and aircraft:

No matter what settings I try, it will not look stabilized.

Here a sample with hypersmooth boost active:


Reelsteady (trial version) does work on the unstabilized footage, and also tells me other footage is stabilized. But spending another 100 bucks + doing the post process is unacceptable. There is plenty footage on youtube showing that the Hero 8 (and even Hero 7) is capable of handling those kind of flights very well.


What could I try to improve the stabilization?


thanks in advance,



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Betreff: Hero 8 > Hypersmooth doesnt work well

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Check out many other threats on this topic here: 
Report your observation and refer to all other threats where support is concerned - maybe this will then start to accept this as a real problem ....

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Re: Hero 8 > Hypersmooth doesnt work well

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So EIS works by combining gyro data with image analysis and image cropping to try and keep your footage centered and level.  This works very well in cases where there is movement corresponding with g-shock and g-force feed back.  So running, driving a car, riding a bike etc.  However looking at your video footage, your plane has a LOT of movement during what should be level flight, even when banking there's still a lot of unstable movement..  Also there's not going to be a lot of g-shock or g-force feedback for the software to compensate, so real lack of input to help with calculating stability.

I would actually reduce the Hypersmooth to just "on" rather than boost, boost is really for rougher surfaces (and feedback) so you're actually reducing the effectiveness in flight by having it on boost.  

I would also try another Hero 8 to see if it works any better (I'm guessing it won't, but I think it would be a good comparison).  I'm sure anyone with a Hero 8 nearby would love to get some aerial footage from your plane in exchange for help with testing.

Your SD card isn't an issue, if you had video corruption then sure it would matter, but that's not what's happening here.

Your video is also kinda dark which also reduces the effectiveness of hypersmooth (since it relies on image analysis) I would try locking the ISO at 200 - 400 to help brighten things. 

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Re: Hero 8 > Hypersmooth doesnt work well

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Thank you for your input and suggestions.


I did make tests with "on" and "high" on the same day and it shows similiar results. Maybe "high" is a bit better than boost.

ISO was set to max 1600, I will try a lower setting next time.


If I compare the footage to this: its a real bummer to me. You can see how rough his flight was on the upper right. Thats a lot worse than my unstabilized footage I think.

Got the same report for Hero 8 from other pilots to whom I talked in the past days.


The other post doesnt give much confidence but rather let me look into Hero7 or even Osmo. Or considering Reelsteady which makes the H8 a real expensive camera ...



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