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Hero 8 black

I had the Hero 7 black. tried using in the radio station to upload video to facebook. The USB input for studio audio didn't work well at all. Has this function been corrected with the Hero 8 black? is the audio quality 100% over the Hero 7? I will only purchase this if i can use this camera in the radio studio.

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Re: Hero 8 black

If you are trying to record (input) audio to your GoPro Hero 7 black, you need to use the GoPro Audio adapter.  A usb-c microphone or line in will not work.  If you're planning to do this with a GoPro Hero 8 black, you will need to use either the GoPro Audio adapter or the GoPro Media mod.

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Re: Hero 8 black

@rocknrollagent wrote:

The USB input for studio audio didn't work well at all.


Can you explain that to us, that you used a promic 3.5mm adapter?


And not something like this.


Only and only will the Promic work, the pmic to the promic, the promic to the camera, if you want to change the  mic inputs you do so by swipingto the  settings and pick one in there you will see it change from N/A to working.