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Betreff: Hero 8 black who is now in or out

Any Youtuber you see  from Oct 1st to Oct 20th  (lets say) will  be Sponsors of Go-Pro   Nuff said.  Congrats on your purchase. let us all know how it goes,  I am   going t osee what hte future has in store.


 I wonder  if they   simply got HDR video hidden  and down th road you will have the Option to turn it on or off, tied in to Low light, wait why could not Low light  have worked like that  models ago?


We all bitched for more EIS and  you hear now not to use it but drop down  the res.... 


Either way you look at this Go-Pro made another camera, and the camera does not do it all. it has features that some of do not carefor or to much added, we just want "A Camera that will be Stable"


If one membercomes on and cris my camera hero 8 froze, the battery drained, the mic has no audio, you know who to blame, yourself!


not being a Downer or punning Truth hurts and Youtbers  that  tested out this camera are the one's to blame (sounds Harsh) you me, them, tell GoPro FIX this, fix that what they do fix it with a new camera...


DONE  trying to  brainwash ya Lol Called an Opinion so do not get upset.

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Betreff: Hero 8 black who is now in or out

Not sponsored by GoPro, but certain media influencers do get early release models. This doesn't mean all of the reviews are biased. It is always good to have a little skepticism, especially if they have affiliate links, but the specs and performance of HERO8 Black are very impressive.
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Betreff: Hero 8 black who is now in or out

OH  yes do not get me wrong.  rainMaker did a great job gave you the ups and downs    you  are the one to decide I go in to CircuitCity they Used to be the store where you  try before you buy, but today I go RENT one make my decision on that. then dish out  and pass the 30-day mark and be stuck with one.