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Hero 8 black - I have no GPS signal

Hero 8 black - I have no GPS signal. GPS is switched ON, and I am in garden under open sky for hours.

I did factory reset 2 times. Car and phone gets GPS signal az the same place.

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Re: Hero 8 black - I have no GPS signal

Make sure you have formatted your SD card in the camera before use as this can sometimes cause GPS issues.  Also make sure that you are powering up your camera using the button on the side so GPS can be acquired before recording starts.  If you start recording first, GPS will not be present.


Your phone actually cheats, it doesn't always have a GPS signal and instead uses information from it's nearest cell tower to estimate it's location.  Your car just actuallys stores it's last known location (and assumes it hasn't been towed), the GPS receiver is also about 20 times the size of your camera.



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Re: Hero 8 black - I have no GPS signal

..and be aware that the Quick app for Windows is'nt able to recognize the GPS data from the Hero8. It's a shame Smiley Frustrated

There is a way falling down to the first firmware and modifiing some configuration files oft the qiuck software, Pretty professional, GoPro.

Anyway - my Hero8 GPS data seem to be pretty correct. Had some rides with my motorcycle with the speedo in the picture - no lags, exact speed (calculating the aberration of the motorcycles speedo).

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Re: Hero 8 black - I have no GPS signal

I agree with the previous comments, but just in case, here are more tips if you are struggling with the GPS signal: