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Hero 8 Tradein experience

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Ok, on October 23rd I decided to go for the Trade in deal and got the UPS label to print off.  You don't get a card with the tradein but 32gb cards don't cost £100, plus I've 128gb cards to use for now.


It wasn’t until the following week (30th) that I sent off my camera – spent quite a bit of time deliberating ion which camera to send.


Not the Hero 6, nor the Yi 4k +. The Yi is a couple of years old (a tad older than the Hero 6) and is probably my most used camera (linear mode in 4k25 with eis). The Hero 6 is waterproof and offers 240fps 1080 so neither of them.


Gopro Hero 4 – I had smashed the lens, but then again I had replaced it with a non distorting lens (permanent linear view), plus I had the touch screen bacpac and a diving light and case which also powered it underwater. No eis but that's not needed if its a static camera plus I do have a couple of gimbals if I really needed it to move. So no, not the 4.


The Hawkeye Firefly 6s/8s – below the £100 threshold(not sure about the 8s) so not them.


In the end I sent in the SJCAM SJ7 Star. It does have an f2 lens which is handy in dimmer areas but the touch screen had shattered. I suppose I could have removed the lens for use in the Hero 4 but I couldn’t be hassled. I’ve a second SJ7 any ways.


So on the Wednesday I packed up the camera and attached the preprinted UPS label and the packet gets dropped off at the nearest UPS pick-up point to be delivered to the Netherlands on Friday the 1st.


Today they delivered it. No one was in so they took it away again.


But only as far as the nearest “UPS access point” (I believe some people have mistook this local drop off to mean that it’s been delivered to the wrong address-it hadn’t you just weren’t in).


Not a problem at 6pm someone popped up to collect it (they needed to take both mine and their proof of identity).


Here I am, back in from a long day at work, firmware updated and battery charged and camera paired with my 3rd party remote (along with its older brethren).


Coincidentally I had 2 packets arriving from China today aswell. One packet of cold shoe gopro mounts so I can attach them easily to the hot/cold shoe on my camera rig and 1 aluminium cage for the Hero 8.


Perfect Timing what.