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Hero 8 Time recording


I have new Hero Black 8 and SanDisk Extreme PRO 64 GB V30 U3 A2. This card is recommended by GoPro for my camera. 

When I want to record a movie in 2K 60 FPS resolution, the maximum recording time is 65 minutes. There is still free space on the card but the battery runs out after this time. The camcorder is clearly hot during recording. Therefore, I dismissed the camera for repair and received a new piece. Unfortunately, the new camera behaves like the previous one. The manufacturer suggests that the recording time on this camera in this resolution is about 2 hours. I will add that all elements that can use more battery (WiFi, GPS, etc.) are turned off. Should I replace the camera again?

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Re: Hero 8 Time recording

Hi @garom


It is important to determine battery integrity to ensure that your camera works smoothly. 
You may perform a short record time test through the instructions here
Should you get a run time significantly shorter than the expected battery life, despite using a recommended SD card and the camera being updated to the latest firmware, let our Support team know. This way, they can help you with the next steps. You may reach them  through 




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Re: Hero 8 Time recording

You will have the same problem as with the Gopro Hero7 Black, if you want to make recording langer than one hour, you 'll have to provide external power supply e.g. refuel powerpack (we reach about 6 hours in 720p), using a powerbank or using a powersupply in a wall socket (we reached with my private Gopro 4k/60 9h on a 256GB Sandisk extreme, our company  gopro shuts down after app. 30 min due to temperature issues)

There are serious temperature issues with the Gopros.

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Re: Hero 8 Time recording

64gb sd card should get you a good 3 hrs plus.  take the card and do a full format, takes 30 minutes to do.  Then back to the camera, on the Backscreen what does the remaining say?


The remaining should say 2:hr30m, also keep in mind it may be longer as gopro is not accurate.


If it says 65 minute, thesd card is at fault.  The card can be a counterfiet, a bad sector, etc..  So that said do you have another card to try.


The battery will last for the duration of about an Hour,  give or take, start turning features and settings down. to conserve power.  Using a Powerbank on a Hero 8 will extend run time, while leaving the batery in today, the Hero 7  was not allowed to keep the battey in, so you have to remove  it and use the powerbank


as we all learn the camera the suggestion is:


SD card fauty

powerbank with a higher Mah 1K per hour.


for run time.