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Hero 8 Slo-Mo import to PC

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I just transferred a bunch of Slo-Mo video off my Hero8 by plugging it into my PC and pulling the files directly out of the Hero 8's DCIM folder and onto my PC. Much to my dismay the slow motion videos that looked so amazing on my camera are no slow motion on my PC. I have also since deleted the files off the DCIM folder since I'd assumed I already had all that I needed. I can't put the files back on the Hero 8 either as it does not allow for it. I tried putting slo motion in post using I OpenShot editor and the results came back choppy and inconsistent. Not at all smooth like it was on my Hero 8's preview. How do I fix this?

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Re: Hero 8 Slo-Mo import to PC

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Hello, @voza74. The HERO8 Black camera does not record videos in slow motion. The slow-motion effect that you see while playing back the video in-camera only shows how it's going to be when a slow-motion effect is applied post-process. This is done by using editing applications on a computer or a mobile device. 


You may explore programs that can be used to view and edit your GoPro footage. If you have a compatible mobile device, you may also download the GoPro Quik. It will allow you to import, view, and edit your media.


The choppy playback quality could be an effect of a high-resolution setting that may not be supported by your computer or the application that you used. There are tips at How to Correct Choppy or Broken Up Playback that may help.