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Hero 8 Big Gap Housing

Hi All,


My new Hero 8 is just delivered and open it today, I ordered at gopro offical homepage here.

I'm very surprised because I can see big gap at housing, looks very wrong (see pictures below)

And I already search my situation in here, and some of posts in here as marked "Gap-gate" and I also same situation with them but I'm worse.

I don't want to refund but exchange to correct one.


One question, this front of housing is expendable? so it can be separated easily? 

This question because Hero 7 lens cover can be replaced by new one(as I know), but Hero 8 has no lens cover part separately.


제목 없음.png


Thank you!




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Re: Hero 8 Big Gap Housing

I understand you got  your camera delivered to your Door today By official website.   You want an exchange.  ANd sharing your Story to the Forum, for other Members advice.  A GoPro Rep can come in  here  and Direct you to where to  go to, or you can do that yourself without our guidance ofcourse, unless you do not knowwhere to look, but you found  the Forum, so you should be able to find thecontact ups and chate/phone area.


Yours looks a lot worse then the rest and  that is unaccaptable in my book,  I want a replacment right away to.   call gopro. give them your info they ask for and they'll get a new one out, the Gap-gap thread, not sure why the OP never followed through day one, do not do what he did and delay your return.



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Re: Hero 8 Big Gap Housing

As we bought Our camera, the lens protector was removed, and a harder glass in its place, you may option for  a  glass protector if like. the actual lens can come off but the camera no longer be waterproof or in warranty, only a gopro    team can proform those actions not us.