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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

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I like gopro product but i've found a better solution Smiley Very Happy


...and I like my G6.

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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

Very cool
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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

I just bought Feiyu G6 last Sat. I tried to connect the G6 and My H7 black over 3x times. all failed. even i contact Feiyu support and still failed by followed their suggestion. BUT, tonight i finally connect my G6 to H7. 


Firmware version : 

Gimbal: dont know but apps said latest

Keypad : 1.12

H7: 1.7 


I am not 100% sure what is the trick, but I can tell you know what i did.


1. Completely quit Feiyu On apps (I am using Iphone Xs with latest iOS version) 

2. Reset H7 connection and turn it off

3. Reset G6 WIFI (push 3 buttons at same time and clean it) and turn it off 

4. Turn H7 on and change WIFI from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz 

5. Turn on WIFI and use Gopro app to connect it.

6. Press H7 device info and remember the wifi password

7. Shutdown H7 and completely quit Gopro app

8. Turn G6 on

9. open Feiyu On apps and connect bluetooth 

10. after step 9. bluetooth status on and WIFI cross out

11. turn on H7

12. In Feiyu on app press connect camera

13. Select gopro->Hero 7 Black->your gopro name->enter password

13. It should be connect successful and the camera icon still cross out

14. Turn all off including apps

15. Turn on G6 (H7 off at this moment)

16. you may see the camera still cross out. 

17. **** try press H7 Recording Button (H7 start up automatically) and let it recording for a while **** <--- this time, my G6 and H7 connected suddenly!!, Camera icon NOT crossed out

18. But all functions seems still not work well , e.g. need press many times to stop in G6. 

19. then I turn it ALL off. and start G6 and then H7 (no need open Feiyu on App)

20. the camera & gimbal can connect success and all buttons work perfect without reconnect require. 


Hope these steps can help you all. Go luck


Sorry for my bad English. 

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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

Thanks for these explanations,

however, arrived at step 17, the Camera icon still crossed out.

I let the G7 record for 5min, but still crossed out.


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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

Please upload video to YouTube my friend. You help many people who have this problem.. I try to do all this but something i do wrong..
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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

One more thing i missed is that may be a thick, The Feiyu supporter told me I need to wait 30s after all show connected. Last time I worked I remember that is in Step 13, please try wait 30s. And at step 17, just let it record less than 1 minute. Now all my device connect successful and It no need to recognise each other required. So I can’t simulate again ...
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Re: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

Trick not thick....
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Betreff: Hero 7 with Feiyu Tech G6

Habe eine H7 Black,benutze im moment noch den g6 plus. anscheinend sollte soweit die software gleich sein. verbindungsprobleme habe ich in diesem sinne nicht. kann meine h7 auch steuern. Problem ist eher das nach ein paar aufnahmen die h7 sich aufhängt und ich das video nicht stopen kann. auch keines mehr starten. akku raus und wieder rein, funktioniert wieder für paar videos in ca 4 min länge dann fängt alles wieder von vorne an. schalte ich bei der h7 wlan aus und bediene sie manuell funktioniert es.