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Hero 7 white spot in the videos

I realized that I have an annoying white spot in all of my videos that are shot with high illumination (cloudless sky). I've attached an image to show what I mean. It is usually in the top center of the video but moves around a bit. You can see a sample video here: It is super annoying. So, I wanted to aks if this might be due to an error of the camera or wrong settings?

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Re: Hero 7 white spot in the videos

Any chance you can do a full 360 degree panning shot with the camera and upload the footage?  The brief clip can't confirm or deny a hypothosis whereas the above request can.  However from what I can see from this very brief clip, this looks like lens flare from the sun.  The jerky movement being caused by the camera's stabilization making the rest of the footage look fine but this wouldn't affect the lens flare which is why the spot is moving around.   However a full 360  pan would confirm this.