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Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

I have a new Hero 7 Black. I've been experimenting with photo time lapse. Right now I'm just getting to know its features and limitations. Today I've been doing photo timelapses at 2 sec intervals, linear, no protune. I have the camera plugged into an external USB battery pack. The internal battery has been removed with the battery door left open during shooting for cooling purposes.




The wifi is off. The back led indicator is on and flashes at each 2 sec interval. The internal sd card is 128Gb and is on the list of approved cards.


I made three runs of photos this morning. Each run ended on its own for no apparent reason. In the above photo, the camera ran for just over 202 mins and snapped 6064 photos. It stopped on its own and is currently frozen. It's not a thermal shutdown as far as I can tell. It's been running in a cool room out of direct sunlight. It's not a space issue, there are sill over 100Gb free on the sd card. It's not a battery issue since the aux battery still shows a strong charge and the camera is still powered on (just frozen) via the battery. The earlier runs went for about 80 mins and then a paltry 38 mins before quitting unexpectedly.


Here are close ups of the front and back of the camera in its frozen state:




The rear LCD will go dark after a while and will wake up on touch, but this is all it displays. The LCD is otherwise unresponsive to touch.


Is there a debugging mode on these cameras that will help me to diagnose the problem? Is there some other advice people have?





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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

Hi @schuelaw


Thank you for the information shared.

Does this happen only on Time Lapse Photo?

Have you tried a long recording using other modes?

What SD card are you using?

The steps on Camera Freezes Up should help you out.


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

Thanks for your response.


I'm using this sd card:




which has this serial number: SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA


This model is listed as compatible with the Hero 7, 6th card on this page:


The card is new. Purchased at the same time as the camera.


According to the GoPro phone app, the Hero 7 firmware is up-to-date: v01.70


I have done some long video recordings too. They too shutdown unexpectedly, but since the camera was in direct sun on those tests, I assumed that they were thermal shutdowns. I'll continue to investigate that. I have only conclusively determined the problem with timelapse photo.


I will re-format the sd card and test again. It's possible that the sd card is defective. If re-format doesn't help, I'll buy another and test again.

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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

Some follow up work. After formatting the sd card using the camera, not my pc, I started another photo timelapse, 1 photo every 2 seconds. This one lasted for about 4 hrs and 10 mins before locking up (same setup as my original post), so probably no change.


I stitched together the frames into a 60 fps video. Two weird things:


  • Both yesterday and today (before and after reformatting), the camera skipped the filename G0020000.JPG. It went from G0019999.JPG to G0020001.JPG.
  • More seriously, throughout the sequence of some 7000+ photos, there were about 5 instances where the photos completely washed out for about 8 seconds (4 photos). This is perhaps related to my original issue of unexpected halting. I say this because the final instance of washout happened at the moment the camera unexpectedly halted. I have posted the final five images of the sequence here:

    The previous instances where the photos washed out, the camera recovered to normal. The 5 instances seemed to happen at random intervals throughout the timelapse. It is not clear whether this is related to the unexpected halting.
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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

More follow up. The random quitting seems to be associated only with photo timelapse. Video timelapse run until it fills the sd card (in this case 7+ hours). I'm wondering how repeatable this unexpected quitting is? If there are developers or other folks interested, it's really easy to test, just a matter of turning on photo timelapse (I've been doing 2 sec intervals) and leaving the camera alone in a room (plugged in). For me, after numerous trials, the camera has always exited prematurely (and frozen). Plenty of memory left. Never has it continued for more than 4 hours.


I've done lots of variations with the same results. I have not tried a different sd card, but I don't think that's the issue since the video timelapse is able to write out the entire card (7+ hours).

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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

Hi @schuelaw. Thank you for sharing these information. We ran tests on a few HERO7 Black cameras and we were able to get the camera to shoot Time Lapse Photo up to SD card capacity. We were able to achieve over 10,000 photos for each camera following the same settings as yours. We were not able to replicate the issue though - no washed out photos nor file name that was skipped. We also did not observe the camera screen that you described. The cameras though turned off after the SD card registered full. This is an expected behavior, unless the camera was set to NEVER in Auto Power Off. 


In this case, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You may reach them by phone or chat through . Thanks!



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Re: Hero 7 randomly quitting photo time lapse

Thank you for investigating the issue. All I can think is that I was experiencing some thermal shutdowns. It's been a while, but perhaps all of the experiments occurred in direct sunlight.