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Hero 7 not turning on

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I have had my hero 7 black for about a week, used it for maybe 1 minute total of video. And now it won’t turn back on? Also felt like it was hot/maybe overheating when I first noticed it wouldn’t turn on. Have tried to search other forums and if GoPro blames it on the sd card one more time then I’m going to get really mad. Turns out I’m not the only one, shouldn’t be so hard to get a functioning camera. Especially now that I’m overseas and am unable to use the GoPro I purchased for this trip
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Re: Hero 7 not turning on

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first tell us exactly what settings you have on  that drained the battery down.



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Re: Hero 7 not turning on

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Since you brought it up, what SD card (make/model/size) are you using?

Are you charging with the SD card in or out of the camera?

Does the red charging light come on when you plug it in?

What are you using to charge the camera (including Amps and Volts)?

Are you using the supplied GoPro cable?

Did you run a manual update?


These are things GoPro Support will most likely ask.


try the following before contacting the GoPro Support Team

  1. make sure you are using a SD card from this list
  2. Disconnect the camera from any external power source and remove SD card. Remove and reinsert battery.
  3. Press the Mode Button to see if the camera responds (look for LED illumination, beeps, or a response from the camera’s screens).
  4. If there's no response, attempt to reset camera by pressing and holding the Mode Button for 8-10 seconds. After releasing the button, leave the camera alone for ≈5 seconds and attempt to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode Button.
  5. If still unable to get any sign of life from camera, remove the battery and connect to a 5V 2A wall charger (5V 1A minimum) using the GoPro USB Type-C cable, let it sit for 5 seconds and try to turn the camera on (with the battery still removed). NOTE: In a pinch, you can use a computer USB port, but we do not recommend using a multi-port USB hub when trying to charge the camera.
    1. If the camera does not turn on, try using a secondary USB Type-C cable.
  6. If/when red LEDs illuminate, allow camera to remain charging for a few minutes.
  7. Remove the camera from charging source and attempt to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode Button.
  8. If provided with a response, allow camera to turn back off, insert the SD card and wait ≈5 seconds, then attempt to record a sample video.
  9. If you are still unable to power on your HERO7 camera contact the GoPro Support team by chat or call using this page