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Hero 7 mic adapter

Will any usb c to 3.5 work or do I have to get your it may and bulky adapter?
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Re: Hero 7 mic adapter

Great Question @knobs81 I’ve tested this before not all USB-C to 3.5 adapters won’t work due to the USB-C end not being matched correctly I know the GoPrk adapter is the most reliable but the Google Pixil adapter has worked for me before on the HERO6 I’m not sure on the HERO7.
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Re: Hero 7 mic adapter

Well done GoPro... you are definately trying to piss people off, aren't you.


So, if there weren't enough little things that GoPro have failed on (like a desktop app that does not work to it's full potential), these morons decide to make the simple connection of an external mic a real issue.

1. you have to buy the GoPro dongle because they want to lock everyone else out of the supply chain

2. this thing is just the most ridiculous size - Oh, hold on... why did I buy a 'small' mobile, put anywhere Hero 7? Oh yes, because it's SMALL!

3. you guys want us (force us) to buy your dongle? then make it a cheap, small no brainer 

4. and, from what I see and hear, it is a real mission to set this crap up. Seriously GoPro?


No wonder GoPro makes no money. They produce a camera that I actually wanted (Hero7 Black) and bought with my own money but then they destroy the whole pleasurable experience by doing something so **bleep** dumb. This is the first GoPro I have owned (used other just as good and mostly better devises from elsewhere for years) and when it came to a simple (so I thought) thing like plugging in the mic on my motorcycle - oh dear Smiley Mad


This needs to change GoPro. Forcing people down a certain path that you think is appropraite, is definately not the way to go in this day and age. There is too much choice out there and I guarantee you one thing as sure as I'm sat here - in no time at all, someone, somewhere will produce something better that you can just simply plug a mic into and the GoPro Hero7 will be consigned to the abyse of the bottom draw.


Oh, and apparantly, people can't even buy the stupid dongle because there's no stock! That is sooooo funny ;-)


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Re: Hero 7 mic adapter

 the trend is out there not just gopro. so there is some code that stops us from using a simple usb type c and mic adapter,  Imagine gopros next step to make us use only their USB type c cable Lol


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Re: Hero 7 mic adapter

I have tried to get one of these Mic adaptors everywhere in the uk and everyone is saying the same thing .. OUT OF STOCK.  I then spoke online to the gopro helpline and was told "We are out of stock and have no idea when we will get any stock.  What are you playing at GOPRO you make a great camera like the hero 7 black and people like me pay a lot of our hard earned cash buying one and then you let us all down when it comes to suppying the much needed mic adaptor.   To say i feel let down would be a massive understatement.  Treating your loyal customers in this way is disgusting.  No wonder your customers are all going over to other companies.. Up your game GoPro.


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Re: Hero 7 mic adapter

Hi @hookedongopro


Sorry for any troubles caused.

Please continue to check our website for updates.