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Hero 7 black update problem

When trying to update my Hero 7 Black, I encountered the following problems.


1) I used to be able to connect to my Gopro with Blue Tooth quite easily.  But now, it seems impossible.  My Android phone can see the device, but not able to pair it.  Keep on saying someting like "pairing rejected".  I had the wireless connection turned ON...WHY does it stop working?


2) So I resort to using wifi, it got connected, once my Android phone is connected to the Gopro Wifi and everything seemed fine.  Then when I restarted the App, it suggested me to update, which is fine.  Clicked Update, then it shows me a page with all the white ticks in blue circles, against a whole host of issues ( e.g. micros SD has not sufficient space etc. ), I presume the BLUE tick really meant they are OK. I do have an working empty miscroSD card of 16 GB space inserted.  The battery power has 96% etc.

But there is one with a RED circle with an "!" mark next to the issue with wifi signal strength, and ask me to bring the phone closer. Well, they are practically next to each other, and the signal strength is very strong ( 5 of 5 ), I can't see how that can  be a problem. Now I can't go forward anymore.

Please help and advise why?

3) I havn't gone to the next step yet because of the above, my question is, connecting by wifi means I can not connect to Internet on my phone, so how can I download the update file, is that something I do before hand, and load it into the phone first?


Thanks for your helps.

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Re: Hero 7 black update problem

Looks like you're havinga  multitude of problems with the update via your phone.  I would suggest doing a manual update of your camera using the instructions found here: 


I've also made an instructional video here should you run into any issues with a manual update: