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Re: Hero 7 black stabilization issue

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Just want to add that I noticed the same issue today on my bike ride as well.  As it's already acknowledge so just putting this here for data point:


2.7k; 60fps; FOV wide; Protune on; Shutter auto; EV 0, WB auto; ISO Min 100; ISO Max 1600; Sharpness High; Color GoPro;

Raw Audio off; Mics auto; Low light auto (on)


Downhill around 25-30 mph.  Problems only shows up on sustained long sweepers.


Would like to know when there is a fix as well.



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Re: Hero 7 black stabilization issue

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Same issue when flying. Garmin Ultra30 can't keep up with GoPro's video quality, but at least it doesn't freak out when turning. :)

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Re: Hero 7 black stabilization issue

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Hi everyone!


The issue on motion blur effect in low light situations is set to be corrected by a firmware update in December.

Watch out for new information through