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Hero 7 black external power....

I am trying to power the GoPro from an external battery pack for long time lapse shots. When I plug in the pack it shoes that it’s charging. But when I push record, the charge indicator goes away. Is it running off the internal battery pack and not the external power source ? And if I remove the battery, the camera will not turn on with usb c cable plugged in and
connected to a power source. I was under the impression that I can run the 7 black from an external power source with no battery installed. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

Hello @sype65 . The charge indicator going away when you start recording is normal. While connected to a power source and recording, the battery does not get charged. This means that the camera works through the external power source. Furthermore, the camera should continue to record even without the battery in, as long as it is connected to an external power source. Based on your description, it seems that there could be a fault on the connectors within the camera's charging ports, or the cable itself. See if using another cable will help. If not, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat through . 

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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

Thank you for the information. I will try a different GoPro cable.
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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

Sure @sype65


Let us know how it goes.



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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

So no luck. I removed the battery and tried to bower on the camera using three different cables. Two of which are go pro brand. The power source is 2A output. And the camera would not turn on without the battery. I’m hoping we can find a solution for this because I bought this camera for a coming trip to Hawaii next month. Thank you
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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

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Hi guys


Yesterday I did a test using my Hama Power bank X13 ( which has 5v 3A USB- C max output, so:


1.I discharged my GoPro to ~1% battery.

2.Pluged in Powerbank (13000mAh)

3.Started recording ~ 15minutes

4.Kept screen on, 2,7K60fps PT/On


Test took me 15 minutes. GoPro didnt die.

After 15 minutes battery level was 3%.



1. GoPro will use full power battery as long as level of it will be > 0% than will use powerbank

2. When battery is dead, all power from powerbank is enough good to keep it alive and unnoticeable charging.


So: Yes, long time lapse possible with powerbank.


PS: Yes, indicator of battery while recording is not showing charging but I think i does unnoticeable. It must be because all LED indicators are on on my Powerbank which means it is in discharg process(It will be off after some second if will not be discharging). Powerbank is like respirator for this camera ;)

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Re: Hero 7 black external power....

Try  wit hte powerbank and GoPro on, remove the internal gopro battery, does the camera shut down?