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Hero 7 black bad audio on motorcycle, external microphone



I want to record my ridings, with a hero black 7, and with an external microphone.

I bought the external mic adaptor, and an edituge etm-001 omnidirectional lav microphone.

When i driving till 50Km/h sound is ok, but above 50Km/h sound going terrible. I have a foam on the microphone, and a deadcat, because of wind in helmet. But still no luck.

Can anyone advise me, what im doing wrong? 

Settings in gopro: protune on, High RAW audio, Microphone sets to stereo only(but i think it has no effect when external microphone is connected)

Im using a frame, where i can put under the gopro the audio adaptor. 

The mic is in the helmet.

I have uploaded the video, no afterworks, just the video from the gopro. 

Please take a look. 





Or simply i have to forgot the gopro adaptor and using a zoom h1 for audio recordings?