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Hero 7 black Stops recording at 8:51 or 3.9Gb

New to GoPros and to be honest for the money - not overly impressed so far. Compared to my iphone for recording it's not as not as good.


Close video superb, 50 yards away and can barely make out the players in my sons rugby team (with maximum zoom). Anyway - that's the least of my fristration.


It appears where I thought I was recording contiually the GoPro has actually stopped or split my videos autmoatically at 8 min 51 sec or 3.9Gb (some recording also just dissapeared (the recrodings are not in number sequence / missing numbers).


Any suggestions on how to improve my user experience.

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Re: Hero 7 black Stops recording at 8:51 or 3.9Gb

Hello @stoutdive60320.  The videos being split into 8-min segments is a process done automatically in the camera when a certain file size is reached. This is called chaptering and is better discussed in the article GoPro Camera File Chaptering Information .