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Hero 7 battery tab came out

Dear GoPro,

My experience with my two day old GoPro 7 has been:

A.  Good first impression and was able to use it yesterday to record family.

B.  This morning the camera reported a card error and that I must format the card (and thus lose yesterday's videos)

C.  Tried formating the card but camera was stuck on formatting card for a very long time.

D.  Tried to remove the battery to stop the formating process but the battery tab popped off.


I recieved the camera as a gift while visiting family in the US but I'll be returning to Europe in 3 days and so don't expect to be able to be able to return it and receive a new unit before I leave.   I'd appreciate answers to these questions:


1.  Should the battery slide out easily or is it normal for it to be slightly stuck?  This will tell me if the camera or only the battery is defective.

2.  Can I return a GoPro in Europe that was purchased in the US?




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Re: Hero 7 battery tab came out

Sorry to know that @ihateusinggoprowebandsw


For the battery tab you can have it replaced. 

Just contact GoPro Customer Support through chat:

You can also request a phone call using that link. 


For the SD card error. 

Check if you are using a recommended SD card brand and model:

If you're using a recommended SD card brand and model - reinstall the firmware of your camera manually:


If that camera is purchased on GoPro's website you can have it replaced or return as long as you have proof of purchase.