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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I troubleshot the battery problem for 8 weeks.
I bought a new battery; problem still exists.
Finally I used an irrational solution.
I sold the GoPro. Bought a DJI Osmo Action.
Problem solved.
I can finally shoot my action videos in peace.
Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this. I am just a regular user of an action cam.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Only six post and all repeat post promoting a DJI camera that is inferior to GoPro's LAST YEAR model camera. Yeah, sure, your "disclaimer" is trustworthy.

Sorry to hear the DJI Osmo Action isn't selling well, but with it's
FORCED registration through DJI app just to use the camera, overcropped stabilization, poor exposure balance, lack of stabilized 1080p/120fps, no 4:3 stabilization, lack of GPS, no live streaming, lack of HEVC, lack of Hyperlapse, complete LACK of Superview, front screen condensation issues, live preview lag, multiple reports of just failing to turn on or work, lack of motion sensors, front screen time out (would have been better if they just put a mirror on the front), front screen vulnerability (hope your not using it as an action hit by a rock - ouch!), and from the DJI forums, "un responsive voice contro....unable to turn rear screen on after turning it off....setting up time lapse and using voice to start recording for it to actually start recording in normal video mode...superdooper lag",

Enjoy your camera.

BTW: I don't have battery issues. Neither do my brother in law, my son, my neighbor, my co-workers, the people I surf with,the people I bike with, and the vast majority of people who own GoPro.

Sorry to hear you purchased an inferior camera and didn't wait 10 more days for the HERO8 Black.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I thought it's only the Fusion 2 that will be published on Oct 1st.

But back on topic: it's really weird, that some people have no problems at all. I had several cameras and switched every other component too. Amazon reviews also show lots of customers with problems. I believe you that your camera works fine, but what is the difference? Hardware? Use case? I love the quality of the footage, stabilization is top notch, but the problems drive me insane.

I was on vacation this week and found out additional to the battery problems that using 4k with 50 fps locks the camera instantly with a black screen when pushing the record button. Couldn't use that mode and had to shoot with 2.7k.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

In the announcement video on the very first image is clearly a HERO8 and then a different camera with a front screen is briefly shown (Fusion 2/MAX). Both, along with possibly other lower priced cameras, should be announced on Oct 1st.

Although many people argue against this, I have found considerable performance differences depending on the SD card being used (even when using different cards of the same manufacturer, model, and size). For example, there was a time that I was having some freezing issues, which I reported on this forum (I mention this to point out that everything I post isn't with Rose-colored glasses). I have several SanDisk Extreme v30 cards and often swap them out when uploading video or when a card get full. It took me awhile to figure out that it was one particular card that was giving me issues because it seemed random and would usually only happen after about 20 minutes of recording. I marked the three cards that I was using (#1, #2, #3) and after about a week was able to identify that it was card #1 consistently giving me issues. Ever since I stopped using that card, no issues.

I can't absolutely say that it is just the card in every case, but it is certainly something to look at.

Other than manually updating, which also seems to help some, periodic FULL (not Quick formats in the computer followed by a format in the camera, and also periodic factory resetting seems to keep the camera performing at it's best.

Additional recommendations that seem to give good results:
Lock your camera to either UP or DOWN (if filming upside down)
Turn OFF Auto Low Light
Format your SD card in the camera before every shoot
Check the Date and Time before every shoot and sync to the app on your mobile device if it is off.
Use a dual charger to charge your battery and don't store the battery in camera for prolonged periods of time (Date and time will become incorrect so be sure to sync to app before use)
Contact GoPro Support if you continue to have issues.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

All the advantages of the GPH7B over DJI's are worthless if the camera itself is not reliable.  I've dealt with the reliability problems of the GPH7B for months (tried numerous units, batteries, mem cards, etc), there are numerous 'theories' on how to fix it, but nothing is for sure, it may or may not help (help, not solve).  Then I bought the Osmo Action camera and problem solved, I no longer have to wonder if the device will turn on or not.  Yes, GPH7B is better than the Osmo (not by far), but if you take into account reliability, then it is no brainer.  Reliability is everything, that's why we cannot live without house insurance, car insurance, etc.  I've lost several oportunities or recording videos when doing outdoor activities, even when having backup batteries (you put a fully charged battery in, and it allows you to record the first clip just fine, then an hour or more later, you find the battery drained when you try to record the second clip).  With the DJI camera, I don't even have an extra battery, the one that it came with is enough for the time video I record in one day.  

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Except that there are increasing numbers of people stating that after several weeks of use, their Osmo Action just stopped working.

Yes, the GoPro HERO7 Black is better. Of course by how much is subjective based on what features are important to you, but better in any regard.

If you have a camera that works for you, that's great. I don't have a problem with that. I have a buddy I surf with that is perfectly happy with his original HD HERO from 2010. I know people using Yi and Sony cameras that are perfectly content as well. As long as you're capturing the moment and are happy with the results, good for you.

However, what those people aren't doing is being classless and trolling competitor sites promoting their brand as if people aren't able to do their own research. If I spent time over on the DJI forums posting my great HERO7 Black experiences on every post complaining about the Osmo Action and Osmo Pocket, then it would be pretty trashy of me as well.

For example, I had the Osmo Pocket. I didn't like it (but yes, I'm not locked into only GoPro products). I did make a few videos comparing the HERO7 Black to the Osmo Pocket, but I've never posted those, or my opinions, on a DJI forum. I do look at the DJI forums and see reported issues, but again, I don't post advertising or promoting GoPro. Especially not on DJI's own website forum.

And why don't I do this? Beyond it just being classless and trolling, I understand that most people in those forums have already purchased a DJI product. They've already done their research, and I'm sure they can continue to do so. I'm not dumb enough to try and day back on, "I'm just trying to help by letting people know my positive experience", or that somehow I'm doing some public service by informing people of their options.

Buying an Osmo Action that isn't as good as last year's HERO7 Black, just days away from the release of GoPro's next camera release, is stupid, in my opinion. But, if you've done so and are happy, great. Makes no difference to me personally. Posting and promoting that inferior camera on a GoPro forum and then arguing against push back by an obvious GoPro supporter (on GoPro's website forum), is just asinine.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I had before the Hero7 a Hero5 which worked perfectly. An year ago i've byed the Hero7 being atracted by the new stabilisation. Since then I have only problems.
I've changed since then 2 Hero7 and several SD cards. Sooner or later all combinations have this bug that the camera overheats and the battery gets emptied.

The 5Ghz wifi never worked since the channel used is hardwritten in the sw and in Europe that channel is not public.

Since a month now, the Gopro android app is not compatible anymore with android 10 and because of this i cannot connect to the camera anymore.

The Gopro Hero7 camera is a greate camera, BUT as long as it is working. If not, the Gopro support is useless and you cannot do anything about it.

I also bought a dji action and, although is not as good as the gopro, is far more stable overall. And the support the camera gets is much much much better.

I am not using the dji because the for my usecase the gopro is better, BUT i can barelly wait for the Action2.

After the 5 experience with Gopro i have to say that the H7 will be my last gopro.

The frustration of having to accept so many problems from the gopro does not worth the "better quality".

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain


So, I take it this was your farewell letter.