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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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The issue isn't fixed, yesterday I bought a Hero7 Black, I did the manual update to 1.7 firmware, charged it to 100%, I did some testing and turned it off at 10pm at 86% charge. Connections off, GPS off, voice commands off. 


6 in the morning wouldn't turn on, plugged it to power and battery was at 0%. I live in South America and for me is impossible to get a refund or replacement from the store I bought, so if it can't be fixed it's 450$ wasted.


My SD card is Samsung 64GB EVO Plus UHS Class 3 (the 128GB version is the recommended by GoPro), and I know you'll say: "Get a supported card", well, that's more than 50$ extra that I'd have to spend simply to test if it works.

Please find a fix, the video is really smooth and great but I can't be worrying if my camera will work or not when needed.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Thanks for testing this issue on the new 1.7 firmware and posting your results.  I come to find out that this issue is random in nature, it doesn't always happens, but very often.  You may think that the workaround is simple: "just install the battery when ready to use".  But the problem is bigger than that.  I go to ski starting with a full battery, record a clip for a few minutes, then stop the recording (pressing the record button again, which should also shutdown the camera).  Then an hour or two later, I try to record some more, but the battery is dead.  This happens to me around 50% of the time (not always).  GoPro must find a solution for this, not knowing if your camera will work the next time is a huge deal.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Got a 7 last week and it too randomly drains the battery overnight.  Voice and all connections are off, and latest firmware installed. 

Heres what happens yesterday 

I kept a log of time v drainage, here goes.
Sunday 16.30 full 100%
Sunday 16.50 99% played with it for a bit
Sunday 17.40 98% left alone
Sunday 20.30 98% left alone
Sunday 22.30 98% left alone time for bed
Monday 06.30 95% though was ok.
Monday 17.00 home form work, from felt warm and battery dead FFS.
New battery and charger arriving today, at least I can check supplied battery with new one.
I love the unit, but its shortfall on battery issue is beginning to make me wonder if I should have dropped £400 on it.
Seems to be a common issue for a lot of us. 

My forst venture into GoPro is not filling me with confidence.

ADMIN is there a fix coming? I want to,leave a battery in the unit ready for me to use, not swap in and out for an obvious fault.

should there not be a product recall, as there is clearly and issue. 

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Hi, my test result:


24 hour after I turn OFF 100% charged camera:


  1. FW 1.7
  2. Samsung battery
  3. Samsung 64GB microSD card - recommended
  4. 2 small videofiles on card
  5. All systems OFF - GPS\WIFI\BT\VC

Result: Battery still 100% 


I assume that Sandisk sdcard could be a cause but it is just my theory.....

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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GoPro Hero7 Black


SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB

Samsung EVO PLUS 128GB




Voice commands OFF

Wireless conn. OFF

QCapture ON


Usualy 3 days and camera keep 100-99% battery

Randomly (around 1 to 10 times) cant even turn ON the camera... the battery is completly DEAD.

Checked with two branded and GP sugested memories.

Same story with my old three GoPro5 Black's.


The GoPro Company seems to not see the problem. I'm pretty sure that someone from GoPro will add post in reply that I should manualy upgrade the camera to 1.70, do factory reset, or reset bla bla bla... You now... I did. And it's not problem of that.

It's something wrong in the camera by itself and it needs realy serious firmware upgrade. Something that will completly cut off the battery from device.


I gues that the camera is doing some background things even when it's OFF and it fails, got freez and stay freezed till it's dead.

GoPro, if you don't know how to make things working, then just give us switch button to completly TURN OFF any sign of life for your cameras. Some... "long term storage mode" or something... I don't know... something... It's your problem - FIX IT!

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Hi Everyone!


We appreciate all your efforts in trying to isolate where the trouble is.

We are also working on getting this issue addressed.



Hi @flaj @puttyuk @pesix @wookierobo @phabi @superbluff0475


Would you mind doing a test recording? This is to check how the battery fares when it's in use.

Make sure you are using a recommended SD card.

Format your card through the camera's menu. Preferences>Reset>Format> Format SD Card

Set your camera to 1080/30. Turn off Voice Control, GPS, Wi-Fi, and ProTune.

Fully charge your camera using a Recommended Charger.

Record a video with your camera.


Let us know how it goes. Please indicate the specific card used and how long the recording lasted.

We look forward to your responses.


Thank your very much!






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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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GoPro Hero7 Black

Samsung Evo PLUS 128GB - did format

PT OFF, Voice ctrl. OFF, GPS OFF, Wi-Fi OFF,

NTSC 1080p30 Wide

Battery charged up to 100% with GoPro dual charger - GP Battery, GP charger, GP cable


Made 1h03mins video

Battery status 41%

Quite warm


Here you go. But I don't know whats the reason for this test when problem randomly happens when camera is completly...


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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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I also had this issue a couple of times. I try to turn the camera on, and it doesn't work. Sometimes I have to remove the battery, put it again, and then it states that the battery is 1%.
My connections and voice command is always off, and updated to last firmware manually. The SD card is the one supplied with the camera.
It is really annoying because its just random. Travelling and going to a beautiful place and not being able to record because of some stupid firmware bug is really, really annoying. Especially when you paid more than 400euro for a camera. I wasn't this annoyed with this was happening to my Yi camera, as it was a lot cheaper.
I bought this expecting to have a better quality, and I still found a lot of bugs (also the incorrect time, or not being able to turn it on without removing the battery and putting it in again).
GoPro doesn't seem to care about their users. I was defending this company, but if that's their policy, this will be my last GoPro.