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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

@danielr15  schrieb:
  1. I try not to subject the camera to extreme temperatures when possible or prolonged recording when I don't need to.
    1. In extreme cold I usually use the SuperSuit and try to keep batteries/camera warm.
    2. In heat, I try to keep the camera out of direct heat for too long and always strive for good air ventilation
    3. If I'm recording a long event where I know I'm only going to be using important cuts, I use the Smart Remote whenever possible to choose my recordings and tag moments whenever possible.

Also soll man erst auf die Umstände warten, welche die GoPro verträgt und erst dann die Aktion ausführen? Ich habe meine GoPro um eine Aktion auszuführen und diese aufzuzeichnen, egal welche Umstände herschen.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Same thing happening with my Hero 7 Black. Charged the camera, after 1h I went to use it, it was boiling hot and had 0 charge. How is this possible with a really expensive camera? I regret everyday buying this instead of a DJI. Also no software updates since January.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Hi @boldgorge20704


What SD card are you using?

Please see if resetting the camera will work.  Reset Camera Settings
If it's still the same, proceed with a manual software update.
Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

It’s funny that Go Pro support is still telling people to change SD cards and update firmware. You haven’t released a firmware update in 8 months, and neither of these actions help anyone.

The facts are that the camera or firmware are defective. The camera does not shut down and continues to use the battery.

GoPro — please be honest and acknowledge this. Tell us when we can expect a firmware update to fix it.

For people coming to this thread that are still in the return window — return your camera while you can. There is nothing you can do to fix the problem. I trusted GoPro would fix this problem, I’ve been waiting for more than 8 months.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

This. This Hero 7 is the most unreliable piece of equipment I have used in decades and GoPro is not acknowledging that there is an issue. My company bought about 30 on these and every colleague I have talked with has the same issue.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

As posted a few pages back in this discussion thread, I believe I have found a potential workaround for the unexpected total discharge issue.  Speaking of my results alone, since my discovery, I’ve not experienced ANY rapid/total battery discharge events while the workaround is applied in the camera settings.


I did ask for feedback here on being able to replicate the workaround, but I’ve not seen a single reply.  If you should try this, for the benefit if all, please post your results here.


My testing suggests that the apparent deadlock condition, causing rapid/total discharge, is somehow connected with the automatic screen rotation feature.  By ENABLING "Landscape Lock" (Settings > Preferences > Touch Display > Landscape Lock > Up), effectively disabling the automatic screen orientation/portrait feature - the camera's appears  to shut-down properly when powering off.  To be clear, the camera doesn’t [always] immediately power-off, but the camera doesn’t seem to kill its battery after shutdown.


Daily battery depletion, if unused, remains at about 2-3% per day (assuming that GPS and WiFi etc are all disabled) - which appears to be characterisic of the H7B (noting that, by contrast, the Hero 5 Black can be left for months on a single battery charge!).


GoPro have seemingly abandoned any development or firmware fixes on the H7B, instead [presumably] concentrating on “the next generation” product while clearing current stock of H7B (you’ll no doubt have noticed heavy trade-in discounting to encourage surrender of older kit while simultaneously clearing stock).


Please, if you try the described workaround, please post your results here.  


In absence of a firmware fix from GoPro (I remain hopeful that one will come, but don’t hold your breath this late in the product lifecycle) this might be the only partial remedy that we have.  The H7B firmware has so many inconsistencies and issues, with unexpected reset of some settings, someone has seriously dropped the ball.




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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

So we are to keep Lock up   OFF, UP, Down???  


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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I think they'd have to rewrite the firmware from scratch and they oviously won't do that. No revenue in that.