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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Hi @cooldawn71186


Thanks for the feedback, We'll have this shred to the team.

Other users also suggest that after charging your camera fully, remove then reinsert the battery.





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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Other users also suggest that after charging your camera fully, remove then reinsert the battery”


Speaking solely of my own structured testing - removing and reinstering the battery does absolutely nothing to reliably resolve the problem.  Unfortunately, either the hardware, firmware, or both are sub-par.  As a point of observation, all my batteries are charged externally to the cameras - so batteries are swapped on every charge cycle!


Given the other bugs and instabilities experienced with the H7B platform, until fixes are forthcoming by way of firmware updates (remember, its over six months since we last had an update), I’m inclined to believe that their are unresolvable hardware issues with this revision of the Hero Architecture.  Of my multiple GP cameras, the H7 might well be the most advanced - but it is certainly the least stable/reliable to date ☹️

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

A couple of thoughts here from my experience:


1. These issues are probably not truly random. The behavior I observed smells like "fatal embrace", i.e., two of more peices of code each waiting for the other to finish. The circumstances under which this happens can be very difficult to flesh out, especially when there are many coders involved, each of whom may work in isolation from the macroscopic aspects of the appication.


2. There may be underlying battery issues. I suspect that the batteries themselves have a sequencer (little special purpose computer) that could be entangled in the battery draining problem.


3. My batteries (I have 2) are manufactured by Tajima Motor Corp. Other postings here have claimed GoPro batteries are make by Panasonic and Samsung. Did GoPro change suppliers or just give incorrect information? Perhaps the Tajima batteries have some compatibility issues.  BTW one of my batteries behaves slightly differently than the other. One was manufactured in March 2019 the other in Oct, 2018.


4. My experience as a developer (granted it was years ago) is that startup and shutdown are fraught with errors, probably more bugs per line of code than anyhing else.


5. It's clear that shutdown does not always shutdown. I carry an extra battery and don't leave the battery in the camera for long periods of time.


6. When I charge the battery in the camera, I remove it before use. It seemed to be that turning the camera on while it is charging might be associated with subsequent battery drain.


7. Note that when you first put a battery into the camera, a red light flashes. This means, of course, that the camera is at least on life support. It may be that the state (some) of the code in non-volitile memory now thinks the camera is on and it should go ahead and do whatever it does. Once I put a battery in, I imediately power cycle the camera.


8. Sometimes when I hold the mode button down for 3 seconds the camera goes off while I am still depressing the button. Other times, it goes off when a release the button. A few other times, I have to release the button, then press it again. This is a clear sign that there are issues with the power on/off methods or that the mode switch itself.


I hope this is helpful for someone.




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Betreff: Hero 7 battery drain

And as I mentioned before somewhere here in this forum: the camera periodically turns itself on for a fraction of a second. When it‘s plugged to a computer for charging, every now and then a window pops up saying that a camera has been attached to the machine on both Mac and PC.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I agree completely with your analysis of the problem -- there is some kind of deadlock keeping the camera from shutting down.  It shouldn't be that difficult to track down, however, when you have full access to the development tools that GoPro must have.  It's really baffling to me that months and months have gone by with no fix. DJI is going to eat their lunch.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

When the camera is turned on, it enables the bluetooth for up to eight hours to allow connection to a mobile device for Quik Story transfer of media.  Additionally, when the camera has sufficient charge, it turns itself on to perform the above procedure as well as to search for and connect to a Wi-Fi for GoPro Plus Cloud uploading.  Lastly, the red light flash that you see is the camera initiating the SD card scan.  If there are any errors the camera can get stuck in a loop scanning (which is usually the cause of heating and also battery drain). 


Pulling and then reinserting the battery forces the first two processes to be cleared.  There does seem to be some process errors that can happen, so I'm not trying to explain or make excuses for GoPro, but through my long history with GoPro cameras, I can share my routine which seems to lead to the fact that I do not have issues with my cameras.

  1. I always purchase my SD cards from reputable dealers (there are many SD cards that are either flat out counterfeits or that have had their table modified to show a higher storage capacity than they truly have).  Counterfeit cards will cause battery drain and lock ups.
  2. I always purchase and use cards that are on the recommended list.  These cards are not the only cards that have potential to work, but they have been tested and are known to work.
    1. With that being said, I never trust SanDisk.  If I have issues, I first suspect the card.  Over the years I have had several cards from SanDisk that were faulty.  On the positive side, SanDisk is good about exchanging the cards.  Although SanDisk never publicly admits it, they have been caught back in the HERO3 days of misleading customers about card capabilities (GoPro had to release a firmware to adjust for this) and for releasing bad batches of cards (most notibly the SanDisk Extreme in 2015).  GoPro has a long established relationship with SanDisk (a board member for SanDisk used to sit on the board for GoPro) and are very popular, so I suspect that this is why they continue to be recommended.
  3. Whenever possible, I charge my batteries in the dual charger.  I do occasionally charge in camera (especially if I want to do the auto upload to the GoPro plus cloud).  If I do, I always remove the battery when I can (usually the next morning if I've done the transfer over night).
  4. I do not use my SD cards to store media for any length of time.  I transfer my media to my mobile (which transfers automatically to the cloud service faster than any other method), via auto upload, and/or to my computer.  Once done, I format my card.  Periodically I perform a FULL format in my computer. 
    1. When I pull a SD card for transfer, I usually insert a different card that has already been cleared and formatted.
      1. I've marked all of my cards so I can identify if there is any one particular card that is giving me issues (By doing this I was able to identify one particular SanDisk Extreme v30 card that habitually gave me freezing after about 20 minutes of camera use).
  5. If my battery was charged in camera and I need to use it, I first pull the battery and pop up the SD card, followed by holding down the side Mode button for about 20 seconds (to clear any latent energy or processes that might be running).
  6. If I'm going to be using Quick Capture, I turn the camera on using the side mode button and give the camera about a minute to "warm up" first.  Since I usually use a Flat color profile when I record, I like to take a few pictures first using GoPro Color so I have a reference palate for Color Grading in post.  Once I have a couple pictures, I power the camera off using the side Mode button and then proceed with Quick Capture.
  7. I always have Auto Low light turned off.  Since this feature basically just auto lowers frame rates to 30fps and overrides ISO, ev, and shutter settings, I don't utilize it  as I know to set the shutter to lower frame rates in low light and I don't like my settings being auto changed.
  8. I set my orientation to either UP or DOWN.  In the very rare instances where I need vertical recording, I'll switch to Auto rotation.
  9. All other settings (Voice commands, GPS, Quick Capture, Protune,...) are usually turned on, with Voice command the only one I occasionally turn off.
  10. I try not to subject the camera to extreme temperatures when possible or prolonged recording when I don't need to.
    1. In extreme cold I usually use the SuperSuit and try to keep batteries/camera warm.
    2. In heat, I try to keep the camera out of direct heat for too long and always strive for good air ventilation
    3. If I'm recording a long event where I know I'm only going to be using important cuts, I use the Smart Remote whenever possible to choose my recordings and tag moments whenever possible.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

Yesterday in the evening I shot a video with my Gopro and turned it off. While pressing the button I saw the screen was in vertical mode. About half an hour later I thought it might be better to check the camera if it's warm because being in vertical mode while turning it off is one of the reasons for battery drain. But it was cold, so I left it alone. The next morning (10 hours later) I grabbed the cam and it was very hot. I removed and reinserted the battery. It had lost 50% charge so far.


That's a whole new experience for me that the battery drain starts that late. We need an update ASAP! Firmware or hardware!

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

I return my first gopro 7 black back because the battery drains while off. I bought it again but it was the same again. Then I realized that this is not a gopro problem. This is a problem about the orijinal battery of gopro.Telesin brand battery solved this problem. No longer battery doesn't drains while off.