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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Best camera GoPro ever made was that Hero 4 series.   They no longer updat ethe firmware and more or less  end ed the life  of it.  gopr if  smart would bring back the Model make one for vloggers and the other for extreme sports, and then maybe the issues would subside.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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I disagree about the HERO4 being the best. I think this is just nostalgia. There are so many features missing, it really doesn't compete. For a simple little camera used for stationary recording in an unexposed location, it's a very good camera. But that's about it. The dependency on a waterproof housing alone makes drops it down in rank significantly as an action camera (and let's not forget that these are action cameras that we are talking about).

If you want a walk around/vlog camera, the HERO7 Black is by far the best of the group based on it's Hypersmooth stabilization. Otherwise, all these action cameras (GoPro, Yi, SJCAM, etc) and confused/doesn't really fit in any category cameras like Osmo Pocket and RX0 & RX0 II, don't even come close to competing with real cameras like the Canon M50, Lumix G85, Sony a6400. The HERO7 Black definitely competes in this category and the HERO6 Black gets close, but HERO4? .... On a gimbal it will work, but it's still missing a lot more than just stabilization.

My personal ranking for all around best camera (100% being a perfect action camera score):
HERO7 Black 83%
HERO6 Black 70%
HERO5 Black 53%
HERO5 Session 39%
HERO4 Black 34%
HERO4 Silver 30%
HERO3+ Black 19%

Video Only:
HERO7 Black 96%
HERO6 Black 79%
HERO5 Black 56%
HERO4 Black 49%
HERO5 Session 41%
HERO4 Silver 34%
HERO3+ Black 23%

Photo Only:
HERO7 Black 84%
HERO6 Black 67%
HERO5 Black 53%
HERO4 Black 41%
HERO4 Silver 39%
HERO5 Session 34%
HERO3+ Black 18%

Body Design (including LCD, durability and waterproofing)
HERO7 Black 73%
HERO6 Black 71%
HERO5 Black 62%
HERO5 Session 49%
HERO4 Silver 29%
HERO4 Black 22%
HERO3+ Black 18%

HERO7 Black 53%
HERO5 Session 33%
HERO6 Black 27%
HERO5 Black 27%
HERO4 Black 20%
HERO3+ Black 20%
HERO4 Silver 13%

Extra Features and Issues Reported
HERO7 Black 80%
HERO6 Black 80%
HERO5 Black 43%
HERO5 Session 30%
HERO3+ Black 13%
HERO4 Silver 3%
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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some times all the bells and whistles are nice to have  when they work,

 I'll keep to the topic then steer offtopic  SInce hte Hero 4 did not have this drain or chip etc..  or can go back in time to fix it. at least we can look back and say Yes  the camera was the perfect model back then (Smiles) agree/disagree it's an opinion.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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lol... as long as you not realize that ur gopro battery is dead.


And as I said - everything OFF, every batery draining feature, with many sd cards from sandisk and samsung.

When battery is 0% then camera is 0% usefull...

I have bunch of batteries ready for use but please: do this with you camera mounted on the helmet, flying 1500 meters over rocks with your paraglider... in the turbulent air in the Alps. No! I've paid four hundred bucks and I want working device. I really don't want to be serched dead in the woods, tangled in my wing, with gopro in my right cold hand and 0% battery in left one.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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Your battery draining is happening while the camera is recording? I'm sure before you go paragliding you always check all of your equipment to make sure it's in working condition.

I don't have problems with my hero7 black and battery drains, but I also realize that while I follow the warranty and use guide provided with the camera, many people do not.I generally use my dual charger to charge my battery after use, and I don't store my batteries inside the camera. This doesn't mean I haven't, but even when I have oh, I haven't had unusual battery drain. Granted, I don't store the battery in the camera very often.
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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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a camera can easily be bipassed of the internal battery by Firmware if the camera is  set up via hardware.   GoPro is set up to be on standby and charge while the camera is on. Not while recording.


GoPro's drain unless a rep can come forward and conclude this drain issue we'll continue to hear this to Earths end.  Maybe this thread will  beat the other thread of 100 pages out. If I want to     have contnous power I get another camera. but that other camera has the batteyr drain as well. and it ain't gopro its Yi. also ignoring hte issue at hand. so it's a general  issue in everything in Life.  If I wer to film I simply hit record and go. then worry bout other  things.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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"Your battery draining is happening while the camera is recording?" - I really have no words for this :P.


When I take off the battery is 100%. Flying, get altitude, making some photos, turn it OFF. No quickcapture, everything manual - just in case. Continue cross country. After 5 hours in the air turn ON and what? 20-30%. Random thing. One week in the Alps, issue experienced twice.

After trip: gps loggs, some photos with my smartphone and 0 videos because I've lost the joy of filming


All the settings:

protune ON and set to my personal needs in all video and photo modes


- auto turn off after 5mins

- screen brightness 10% and screensaver to 1 min

- Voice and wake on voice OFF

- connectivity OFF

- GPS positioning OFF

- QuikCapture OFF

- Autoupload ON (but same problems when it was OFF and not even configured)

- Landscape Lock OFF

- Video to PAL, no RAW audio, Wind mode


What I already did:

- factory reset

- manual firmware to 1,7

- reconfigure connections

- reON/OFF all features

- tested with two SDcard brands (each of them are top speed of writing)

- long format via PC and then via camera

- have the dual battery charger and 3 more batteries - everything GoPro brand

- same story with 3x GoPro 5 black in row, no hope that 2nd, 3rd, 4rth, n... black7 gonna be OK

- serious thoughts about selling all this garbage and stick to my selfphone (just for taking some photos and then put in back on my cockpit deck)


This happens not everytime, just sometimes but well... murphy's law... it happens, and it kills my enthusiasm for this stuff.

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Re: Hero 7 battery drain

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I'm sorry this device is becoming very annoying. Not it wont' shut off at all. I hold it down, beeps 8 times, then doesn't turn off. I go to hold it down again it just shuts the screen off then loads a menu and changes to camera. Just about threw this against the wall just then, didn't, then finally just said f it and took the battery out. It drained down to 68% doing nothing last night. I'm honestly suprised it still has a charge. 


Probably need to replace this or send me one with updated hardware and you definitely need to update the UI and the on/off feature. KISS.