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Hero 7 Silver

I originally bought a hero4 silver a few years ago to use in a professional manner. I loved it and bought another. And then 2 more used from friends, and a literal fortune in accessories, backpacks, batteries, mounts, etc. I was a happy camper even though I invested a small fortune.

Unfortunately, I watched the 5 and 6 series pass me by, and I decided to begin my upgrade to 7 for personal use. I admit, I was stupid. Not for buying the gopro but because I bought a silver hero7. And batteries and all kinds of stuff only to discover I cannot replace batteries.

I haven’t even used it yet! It sat in its new hard case waiting for vacation. Until today. I realize it’s my fault, but it wasn’t clearly stated and I feel ripped off, even though I clearly was not. And on top of everything else, there’s not an email address available for me to vent upon.

The hero7 silver is useless to me. So is all the new stuff I wasted my money on I’m busy and I made assumptions, and I was a happy camper for quite awhile, but no longer. If there was some way to communicate my stress, even though it’s my fault, I would st least feel better. GoPro used to give a **bleep**. Apparently, no more. So I’ll vent here and feel even dumber, but perhaps... maybe, someone will read it and salvage a customer, because right now, I am going to look at other options.

You know how it is to rely on your gopro. It’s a friend, almost. It makes you happy, let’s you do cool stuff, and it makes everything easy. I feel like a jilted lover - the worst kind, because it’s my own fault. Is there a 12-step program available? Are there other fish in the sea? Because scrapping the silver for a brand new black seems like a bridge too far.

Thanks for reading, even though I doubt anyone has.
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Re: Hero 7 Silver

Hello @randallk12. Appreciate you sharing your experience. Thank you for choosing GoPro. If you contact our Support team here , they will be able to look into options for you. You may reach them by phone or chat. 

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Re: Hero 7 Silver

Thanks for recognizing my frustrated letter. I did a lot of soul searching and decided to just purchase the Hero7 Black. I have 23 cameras I use, including several GoPros, and I’m aware the level of quality is unrivaled. I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice that, so I gave the silver to my daughter who has just started studying film in college, and bought the black. She was happy and I may not be happy but I will be soon enough. So, there’s no need to talk or explore options. For the amount of the trade-in value, I might as well gift it. So thanks, but no thank. Appreciate it though.