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Hero 7 Silver crashing



I have a new Hero 7 Silver which is behaving very oddly and is currently pretty much unusual. 


It keeps crashing, stops recording without notice and for no appartent reason and shuts itself down or simply freezes. Occasionally it says it's overheating - even in low ambient temps and not recording in 4K. 


I'm using a Sandisk Extreme Pro, 64GB v30 card, as recommended. Have reset the camera and updated firmware. 


Any help gratefully recieved! 

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Re: Hero 7 Silver crashing

Hi @timm4824,


Have you tried updating your camera manually?

If you haven't tried it yet please try to follow the Manual Update Instruction:




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Re: Hero 7 Silver crashing

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I have the same issue with my Hero7 silver. It has been updated since I got it earlier this year. It will randomly lock up or crash. Battery life is terrible too. Version is 2.0

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Re: Hero 7 Silver crashing

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @greenridge3613. Freezing or crashing is associated with a need to update the camera firmware or a compatibility issue with the SD card being used. If you haven't done it yet, try manually updating the camera firmware as advised above and make sure that you are using a recommended SD cards like one on this list. It is important that the camera is manually updated even if it may have the latest firmware. The manual update will help clear out any possible error with the current installation. You may refer to the instructions here as guide. Let us know how it goes.