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Hero 7 FOV/zoom position saving

On older GoPro's was 3 main FOV positions - Wide, Medium and Narrow and camera didn't forget this setting after power off/on cycle. Stepless zoom on newer GoPro's is better some way, but it can't save and recall zoom position after power cycle, this is main problem for my usage, because I use it in medium FOV and want camera not to forget it's zoom position after each power cycle and don't like to set zoom every time I power it on.

If GoPro adds ability for choosing to save or not zoom position with next firmware it would be an ideal camera for me and maybe for someone else too.

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Re: Hero 7 FOV/zoom position saving

We appreciate your feedback, @sobakin. At this time, although the cameras keeps the selected FOV, they are not able to retain the zoom level. We will pass your feedback along to the team for consideration on future updates. Thanks!