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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Promic seems to be the Issue and  will they fix that?

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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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I feel totally ripped off. I bought an expensive camera, then an expensive adapter and noticed the problem right away.

I came here to ask for a fix (wasn’t the first one) and gopro said they’re working on one. That was how many months ago now!?

I was dumb enough to believe you would deliver as promised, so I didn’t return my camera, though I was still in my 30-days return period. 

Now I’ve been stuck with this peace of c**p that doesn’t work as promised.

Thanks a lot gopro! Is this honestly the way you handle buying customers?

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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Sorry to hear that maybe sell and move on if  a loss is what you can accept. if not rephraine from using the power cable to the promic until further info is released   



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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Ok so yet another report of this exact problem.


We bought the adaptor (£50 in the UK) and immediately had the sync problem. Also been waiting for a fix via firmware update or whatever.


Maybe an interesting snippet of info, and apologies if this has already been posted earlier in the thread, I haven't been through every one of the 17 pages, but:


We've found that we can get a) external line-in audio in sync, b) external power supply connected alongside 3.5mm audio jack ONLY when we follow these steps, in order:


  1. Camera on
  2. Press record, leave 2 seconds
  3. Plug in external mic adaptor with audio line-in connected BUT NO POWER
  4. Leave 2-3 seconds
  5. Plug in power to external mic adaptor

This powers the camera from the external power whilst recording is underway, as well as allowing audio to be in-sync with video.


Also, GoPro, you have seriously dropped the ball here. Our next cameras won't be yours.

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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Promic is sold as original GoPro accessoire so GoPro is responsible for fix as well.
I saw this topic started almost a year ago and still no fix.
If I had known this problem before I would not have bought the Hero 7 black and the promic as replacement for my Hero 4 black,
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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Here is the latest on this issue. Contacted GoPro again and ask for a refund. Just sharing the support chat.
Have to admit that I really got super frustrated and had to stay calm...


Net: GoPro offered a replacement unit which does not solve this issue and they promised (again) to escalate the issue and come back to me via email.... 


It was very clear that the support does either not know about this issue or simply does not care.


------ chat with sensitive stuff and comments that might violate forum rules removed --------------------------


Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 3:58:42 PM): My name is Jenny Ann. How can I help you?

Me (5/13/2019, 4:00:29 PM): Hi, I purchase a GoPro Hero 7 black last year (order number NAXXXXXXX). Have been contacting GoPro several times and also posted in the forum about an issue with the external mic adapter causing out of sync audio. Issue is known to GoPro for well over 6 months now and no fix.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:00:42 PM): I would like to return the camera for a full refund.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:01:41 PM): Hi there, good day!

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:01:48 PM): Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:01:50 PM): ... You too. :-)

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:02:24 PM): I do apologize but refund is not applicable as we only have 30 day money back guarantee.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:03:23 PM): Ok, you have a product that has a defect that is known to GoPro since October 2018. The product is not doing what is designed to do. This is bit different than a normal return.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:04:20 PM): I am not asking for a return because I changed my mind or do not like the product. It is defect, GoPro is offering no fix and it is a paperweight for me right now.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:06:01 PM): I understand that. The issue might be with the Pro Mic Adapter, we can replace it to further isolate the issue. Please bear in mind that we can only replace an item if it is within our warranty period.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:07:20 PM): Did you take a minute to read the forum posts I pointed to? I will clearly show you that this is not an issue with the MIC adapter. The adapter works fine on a Hero Session 5 and a GoPro Hero 6 black I also own.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:07:48 PM): This is a defect with the Hero 7

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:07:51 PM): I see. Thank you for that additional information. If that's the case, we can go ahead replace the HERO7 Black.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:08:42 PM): Again, please take a minute to read the forum. This issue effects all Hero 7 Black. It got acknowledged by GoPro as a defect in the software, but no fix has been provided for more than 6 months now.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:10:37 PM): Alright. Technically, you haven't proceed with any replacement. All replacement cameras that we have need to undergo 14 point inspection before it ships out to make sure that our customers won't encounter the same issue with the replacement. If we will not replace the camera, we cannot justify that this issue hasn't resolved yet.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:10:55 PM): Please let me know if you want to proceed with replacement as refund is not possible.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:12:31 PM): This makes zero sense. So, I can get a refund if your replacement does not solve the issue? How many times do I have to get it replaced? Again, reading the forum, reading that GoPro acknowledges the issue and that this effect all Hero 7 camera (including the replacement you are offering) would make it clear that this is not a solution.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:15:05 PM): There is a total of 17! pages in the forum on this issue.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:15:36 PM): As I mentioned above, refund is not possible. Even if the camera was purchased on our website, we cannot process a refund once it is no longer within the 30 days from the date it was purchased. You may check the link below.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:16:31 PM): Can you please escalate this issue? 

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:16:44 PM): Alright. If you don't want to proceed with the replacement how would you want me to help you?

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:17:41 PM): Sure, I can let our Team know about this.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:18:38 PM): ok, you are really not taking the time to even understand what the issue is and why a replacement is not solving this. Here is what I will do. 1. I am going to make this chat public. 2. <removed to not violate forum rules>. 3. <removed to not violate forum rules> Hard to believe that GoPro really wants to treat customers like this. I own/have owned well over 10 cameras from GoPro over the years, but this is just ridiculous.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:22:36 PM): Alright. I understand where you're coming from. I am here providing a resolution that can fix the issue by replacing the camera. I clearly state earlier that all replacement camera undergo with 14 point inspection before it ships out to make sure that our customers won't have the same issue.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:25:47 PM): Please take a minute to read the forum post. This will explain it. You are currently shipping all Hero 7 camera with this known defect. The issue is acknowledged by your engineering team (status update posted in the GoPro forum). There is no fix for it. Can I kindly ask you to bring this up with your internal teams and get back to me regarding a real solution? Sending a replacement is wasting money for GoPro and wasting my time. Let's not do this knowing that it is no solution. Really trying to help here...

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:26:37 PM): Okay. I will do my best to do that. Is there anything else in the mean time?

Me (5/13/2019, 4:27:14 PM): No. Appreciate the help. How will I hear back from GoPro? 

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:27:38 PM): Via email. Is this your email address,

Me (5/13/2019, 4:27:59 PM): Yes, correct. Any idea how long it will take?

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:28:29 PM): Cool! I have no idea how long would it take. Please check your email from time to time for an update.

Me (5/13/2019, 4:28:40 PM): ok, will do. Have a nice day.

Jenny Ann (5/13/2019, 4:28:56 PM): You too.

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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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Im not going to far out on a limb here but guessing that you will not hear any updates. I would also like to return my Hero 7 for a refund. I know that the CS agent you talked to could not offer this but I am wondering if talking to a manager would get this any further. I may try to call them when i have time and see if i can get a refund.

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Re: Hero 7 External Mic Causing Out of Sync Audio

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I’m wondering if the tactic at this point is to take the issue off this community chat and get more public with it—tweeting publicly at GoPro, commenting aggressively on relevant YouTube reviews/vids, bringing the issue to the awareness of various consumer watchdog/advocacy organizations. But GoPro’s stock has not been doing great and it seems the company is not at its strongest these days. This, I suspect, is why something like this is a low priority for them—they’re just trying to stay afloat. Sadly, ignoring this kind of thing is exactly what will kill your company, rather than engendering a loyal support base who might buoy you through rough waters. Smdh.