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Hero 7 Enhancement request

There are great enhancment suggestions in a thread named 'GoPro Hero 7 Black Stabilization with Slow Turns', that should be a straightforeward firmware modification to implement.  Here is the one from Danielr15 that is the most succinct: 


'I hope a future update addresses this and gives us more options. I'd like three (well, four if you include off) stabilization modes:
1) Hypersmooth
2) Standard (HERO6 stabilization)
3) 2-Axis (vertical stabilization only).


Here is my description of the issue:

'The options to select either HyperSmooth or Standard stabilization would help me immensely.  I use my GoPro for dive videos where I need the low light setting.  I normally shoot in 1080 60, but right now 'Auto' mandates that I am in HyperSmooth.  My brief exposure with the Hero 7 in HyperSmooth is causing me to kick myself for selling my Hero 6!  I find that the things I do underwater like slow pans don't look that great in HyperSmooth (there is a blur effect even with very slow pans).  And I really don't need HyperSmooth underwater.  So I tried 1080 120 and get Standard Stabilization, but NO LOW LIGHT!  Not good!  The panning looked better, but I really need the low light setting underwater with my Backscatter filters.  I hope The Hero 7 folks monitor these forums for good enhancment suggestions, because I think this would be a winner!'


I had been hoping to see a response from someone from GoPro, but haven't s far.  Please let us know what you think.




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Re: Hero 7 Enhancement request

Thank you for the feedback, @dools47. We have raised this to the team as a suggestion. We will keep you posted. Best regards!

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Re: Hero 7 Enhancement request

I downloaded the firmware update dated December 11, 2018, version 1.61 and it appears to completely resolve the Hypersmooth panning issue.  THANKS GOPRO TEAM!