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Hero 7 Does not always turn off

Just got my Hero 7 Black a couple days ago. I have noticed that it often does not turn itself off after pushing the mode button in for 3 secondso or so.  I will hear the series of Beeps and then let go of the button, but the camera remains on.... Usually the second time I push the button it will turn off. Sometimes just pushing the mode button a second time will immediately turn off the camera.


I did do a 'Manual Update' of the Software following your directions of Downloading the Software to my SD Card and then Re-inserting it in the Camera... The update worked, but I tried to power off the camera and the first time it did not power off.

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Re: Hero 7 Does not always turn off

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @kdbmeb. Please try doing a factory reset and reinstalling the firmware update of the camera again as it can help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: Software Update Instructions for HERO7 Cameras


It is important to make sure that the camera is updated to the latest firmware and that a recommended SD card is used. There is a list of recommended cards here for your reference. If you are already using one, has updated the camera already, and is still experiencing the same issue, our Support team will be able to assist you further. You may reach them by phone or chat.

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Re: Hero 7 Does not always turn off

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I thought I'd post an update about my entire Hero 7 Black Experience.


1.) My Camera would not turn off always and would run the battery down sometimes when being off.

2.) 1 Hour of Trouble shooting with GoPro Tech and they tell me "That they know about this problem".

3.) They tell me to return the camera and they would send a new one out to me, when they receive the bad one.

4.) About 2 weeks later I receive the replacement Hero 7.

5.) This Camera will not connect to my Computers via the USB Cable

6.) Another  hour of Trouble Shooting go by and the GoPro Tech Support tells me that "I need an Offical Gopro USB Cable' (They did not supply me one with the camera).

7.) They will send me the new cable out and we can start Trouble Shooting with the new Cable. (Maybe, I'll get it in a week)

8.) Wake up this morning to use the Camera and the Battery is completely dead.  --- Same problem as I listed in Point # 1.

9.) Contact GoPro Tech Support and they give me instructions to start Trouble Shooting the Battery.

10.) OK, so I have 2 Problems - Won't connect to Computer and Won't shut off.

11.) Finally I come to my Senses --- I'll return the camera and buy one at Costco (They accept Returns and No trouble Shooting).

12.) I contact GoPro and tell them this and I want my Money Back --- Good !

13.) I buy the New Hero 7 Black at Costco this morning and take it home and IT WORKS !!

14.) Just for Grins I get an Offical GoPro Cable with my Costo Hero 7 and Plug it into the old Hero 7 and it still won't connect to a computer. -- So much for a cable Problem.

15.) I send the Old Hero 7 back to GoPro - Awaiting Refund.

16.) I now have a working Camera after my Original Purchase about 3 weeks ago.

17.) I have about 3-4 hours of GoPro Trouble Shooting under my belt for their Problems (Which I'll never get paid for)



What I learned:


1.) Never buy a Camera from GoPro itself - Use a retailer where you can just get another camera and skip dealing with the Mail for returns.

2.) Trouble Shooting Dept. at GoPro is pure torture. - (And I am a Technical Person (Software Engineer) - They don't fess up to their problems, until they put you through extensive trouble shooting.

3.) GoPro Has a lot of Defective Products -- (I suspect that their returns Dept may send out cameras that have previously been returned, after a cursory but inadequate test.

4.) GoPro Customer Service is Terrible - (Worse than Comcast from my experience)



Tips for GoPro --- Only if you are interested in Good Customer Service.


1.) When a customer complains about a 'Known Problem' - Overnight a new camera to them -- Don't make them trouble shoot your problems.  Don't make the customer wait until you receive the defective one.

2.) Fess up immediately to "Known Problems" -- Having customers prove that cables and batteries are the problems are a long shot and Torture.

3.) You have a lot of Defects -- Concentrate on Fixing them.

4.) If you don't want to do these things -- At the very least stop selling Directly to Customers -- Your Service is Terrible and among the worst I've experienced.

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Re: Hero 7 Does not always turn off

Same problem here!, you press the button, hold, hear a few beeps, release button and sometimes turns off sometimes not. So far my experience is this is another Chinese POS product with just a fancy packaging.


also, I have lost several shoots because the **bleep** thing was ON eating the battery yet with a black screen as if it was OFF

no way to tell when looking at it if is on or off.


and fully agree with your assessment of the qualitynof gopro's customer service, so frustrating I gave up. And then again that is exactly how they want it, make the support experience so unpleasant that the customer gives up and stops bothering and then not have to hire support staff. And I am yet to speak with a support staff that actually can speak english....

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Re: Hero 7 Does not always turn off

Hi @carlosb60144


If you haven't yet, please run a manual software update.

Once the update is done, make sure to do a factory reset to complete the troubleshooting steps.

Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through