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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

I have not contaced support yet. I only had that one glitch, and hypersmooth is no longer working as well as it did in previeous firmware, and have not had a failure to record yet in 1.80.. still testing.


Not going to be happy without the Gopro to record my motorcycle rides. I do not really want to send it back for repair or replacement and be without it for several days/ weeks, or whatever.  Do not want to go without a 4k cam (pics up more detail) in case someone cuts me off and causes accident. Seems as soon as Gopro stops recording or I have no camera is when crazy stuff happens.

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

hmm sounds like a isolated issue.

I just had mine out on a Kayak for 8 hours straight using an external power supply and I do pull the batteries, never had an issue with the USB cables working out on their own.  Both are on the latest firmware and they have been super reliable and the audio is synced perfectly now and the hypersmooth seems the same to me but I don't do fast action, just kayak movement.

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened


@danielr15 wrote:
Sorry to hear about your experience.



Odd.  Those are the exact words GoPro support employees uses with all of their replies.


So how long have you been employed by GoPro Daniel?



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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened


LOL, that's quite a jump.  I'd be more than happy to accept the employee discount on cameras, but my regular job keeps me pretty busy and my wife wouldn't be too keen on moving.  Nice try at that conspiracy theory though.  You should just stick with the Flat Earth.

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

so you think the Repair  file fails to work then?  DJI  was not smart thy simply do not tell you the file is repairing if power was lost, it does it.


so if GoPro lifted the   batteyr  to usb charge issuewe be happier.  Hope hte Hero 8 has it. my cheap Keychain camera has it external powersource,

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

@mariustanya wrote:

...... Have you been able to contact Support regarding this matter? If you haven't yet, connect with them by phone or chat through . They will help you with the next steps. You may also direct them to this thread for reference on what you have already tried out. 

Further to my recent posts on this problem, I have Factory Reset the device and have used only GoPro batteries and Approved SanDisk cards, and Reset (formatted) the card after inserting it into the camera.  The first recording worked great and actually recorded over 100 mins continuously.  From after formatting in the camera forward the camera has not functioned properly.  In fact, it now stops at 11 mins and 48 secs (at the end of the 4GB file) or less and after stopping the record either shuts itself off or sets there waiting for up to 20 mins then automatically on its' own start recording again and stops short of the 11 mins 48 secs only to repeat the process or just completely shut off with 38 to 68 percent of the battery still remaining.


Is there an email address I can send the problem and what I've done to resolve the matter?  I have typed it all up completely and after reviewing then someone can contact me, a link/address which I will not post?  You can PM me the email address or a place where I can post it for Tech Support so I don't have to keep reviewing this over and over but just point to what I had tried and the result thereof.


I've had to purchase a mirrorless from Canon to film the second largest shoot of mine for this year, in which I was going to purchase one or two more GoPro's to maximize angle, although the one camera with zoom lens will allow me to avoid the multiple angles.  I so wanted this concept to work.  I even purchased extra hardware for this application for the GoPro's, which results in a neat set up, well would have been.


So, Thank You in advance for you kind help and all I want to do at this point is get the camera over this hump and working right again, although I will not use the H7 for other than hobby applications or as a gift to one of my many younger media fans.

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

WIthout Insult:


1 or 100 camera's this company or another .  "You"  must reach out to GoPro at the Contact us page.  I am not a Person to Chat for an hour for three sentences, I am a Person that picks a phone up and  within 5 minutes and on-line I transfer it over and say   thank you I'll look for the reply in 2 to 3 business days and call back...


GoPro email address is  tyou must know the contact person you want and gopro does not accept public emails , only and ONLY with a case Number, then the email is open to discuss back and fourth privatly. 


Old school seems to gone out the door.  


SD card is it on the Ex-Fat 32 sys.  Alot can be said but rather  add fuel to the fire. Keep us posted on your Outcome the camera is not a Year old  (U.S.A.) 1 year, unless plus pkg extended warranty, over seas 1 to 2 year.   


It is not hard to ask   Hey GoPro can I get a replacement, camera fails to work,  They say Sure, no problem. 3 weeks later, We'll hear same issue,  or WOW thank you gopro you are the best.  of ANY Company.

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Re: Hero 7 Disappointment Finally Happened

Hi, @drdimento. Sorry, we do not have email Support anymore. It would be best to either call Support or chat with one of the representatives through this link .