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Hero 7 Black

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First time using my hero 7 black . And I noticed it locking up. I had it on a fence mount (softball backstop)connected to external battery. Card is extreme 128. I even lowered res from 2.7 to 1080 and still was having recording issues. The camera was In direct sunlight. But I’m wondering if the issue was battery heating up while charging . Next time I’ll try to run off gp battery and hook up to charge when needed. What is best practices run off battery or charge when needed . Currently I am testing it and running at 4K 60 in living room at 30min and still gonna see if it runs untill battery dies

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Re: Hero 7 Black

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You may want to try the following if recording for long periods of time.

1:  Disable any services not being use don the device (WiFi, GPS, Stabiliztion).  The less work the camera has to do, the cooler it will run.

2:  Reduce the resolution if applicable.

3:  Reduce the frame rate.

4:  If you intend to run the GoPro powered by an external USB cable, then remove the battery, this will prevent the battery trying to charge while discharging and thus prevent an overheating issue.

5:  Shield the camera from direct sunlight.


Hopefully that will help out out.

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Re: Hero 7 Black

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I experienced overheating, with eventual thermal shutdown, while taking a video outside in the Arizona sunshine. The temperature was around 74 degrees. I didn't discover this until I came in to view the video, which quit after 8 minutes and 51 seconds. Setup was 1080/120.


After a quick web search I found I was far from alone. I set up inside and ran a series of tests. The variables were resolution and frame rate. I will attempt to add a graphic but the bottom line was that in a constant, no wind, inside 75 degree environment the Hero 7 Black shutdown (quit recording) a little after 30 minutes for 4k/60, 1080/240, 2.7k/120  and another run at 2.7k/120 with an attempt to radiate heat off of the camera. 

Hero 7 Black thermal shutdown.jpg

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Re: Hero 7 Black

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Hi @michaelp7541


Thank you for the information shared.


For cameras that feature unique high-performance video modes: 2.7K and higher resolutions, and/or frame rates above 60fps, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power when using these modes.

Other factors that can increase camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time. 

  • Lack of airflow around the camera
  • Using the camera with the GoPro App
  • Using the camera in combination with BacPac accessories (HERO4 Black only)

If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating that the camera is shutting down. The camera stops recording, saves your video, disconnects from the GoPro App, and powers off. If this happens, let your camera sit and cool before attempting to use it again. 

For extended recording time in high-performance video modes, capture shorter video clips when in stationary use, and/or limit your use of features that increase power consumption, such as the GoPro App or BacPac accessories. To control your camera remotely at higher temperatures, use the GoPro remote instead of the GoPro App.




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Re: Hero 7 Black

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Seriously that's your answer? Why not fix your overheating issues so the camera actually functions continuously?