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Hero 7 Black turning off issue

Hello have another issue on my hero7black (aside from freezing issue).
There are times that when I turn off my hero7black, it looks the system is off but the screen is still on, the touch screen is unresponsive so i think the system is off. When I try to turn it off again(hold power button 8 secs) , it just turns on with touchscreen responsive like normal.
My camera fw is up to date, sd just formatted and I'm using a recommended sd card.

Pls GoPro have some FW updates to fix this issue, I'm losing confidence on using the camera, where i know it will just freeze.

Btw. I turned off auto low light, manually updated, i turn off wireless connection when i don't use it(i noticed gopro freeze a lot when wireless connection is on), still issue won't get resolved.
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Re: Hero 7 Black turning off issue

Hi @shotsofredmist


If re-flashing the software does not clear out the issue, please reach out to our Support Team to move forward with this concern.

They are available by phone or chat.

Let them know of the steps taken so far and please have your camera's serial number and proof of purchase ready.