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Hero 7 Black trade-in through and the HUGE exception I wasn't told

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Greetings from Maryland USA.


I had recently participated in the $100-off GoPro Hero 7 Black trade-in program January 31st and was under the impression as the website stated in every page on this website that read atop, "Free SD Card with all cameras. Only on" Scroll up, you'll see.


I had just gotten off customer service who told me that would be considered stacking promotion. Meanwhile, I know of at least two gentlemen who received SD Cards participating in this promotion which would be adhering to what is said about SD cards and every camera purchase through this website. And to add salt to injury was that $24 tax fee (some paid higher).


Here are those two videos.



There are more on youtube.


I feel cheated. I mean, I traded in a functioning, Canon PowerShot SD700 IS Digital ELPH that originally retailed at $499 plus accessories! and I held the standards of the company's customer service to high regard to deliver on their words.


I thought there should've been an asterisk or alert that the promotion cancels the SD card inclusion about purchases through the website. I am not asking for the inclusion of any other product, but I thought that heavy implication of "Free SD Card with all cameras. Only on" on every page is misleading. I'm sure one of the FTC's 70 laws has something to say about this.


The $100-off and $50-off trade-in sponsored ads are showing on facebook right now, simultaneously. The website also has stated that the programs were only good until January 8, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. PST. I have the screenshots if you wish to see them.


In any case, if I plan on returning the item, how do I go about getting my camera back?


Thank you for your time. -Michael

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Re: Hero 7 Black trade-in through and the HUGE exception I wasn't told

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You don't get your trade in camera back if you return the GoPro.

On those same pages that list the Trade Up program are the words "When you trade in your old digital camera. Terms + Conditions" With the link to the terms and conditions.

If you read the terms and conditions, it clearly states:
"Trade-in transactions are final; after you trade in your Eligible Used Device, you cannot get it back. Upon GoPro’s physical receipt of the Eligible Used Device and processing of the full payment for the Eligible New Devices by GoPro, title and ownership in the Eligible Used Device transfers to GoPro and you disclaim any further right, title or interest in and to the Eligible Used Device or any items (including without limitation memory cards) or data contained therein.

The Program is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promo codes, or applied to previous purchases."

Additionally, concerning promotion program dates/times, it states, "The Program is valid from January 8, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PST and will continue until GoPro terminates the program in its sole discretion."

The program STARTED on January 8th. It didn't end on that date.