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Hero 7 Black screen cracked

Have cracked the rear screen last week, searched for replacement parts online and shops, found nothing so far. Touch screen 'was' still working but just today when I used the screen a bit it started spreading a black blotch and losing half of the screen,  I'm guessing the crack got worse. How do I get this fixed?

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Re: Hero 7 Black screen cracked

 Aeems you did not searh long enough


  this is a hero 6 screen.   OPening up the gopro  will void the warranty.   When you open up the gopro, you are breaking the water seal, and  will not be able to waterproof it closed again.  As the  Seller does not offer that glue?   For example the Defussers on a smartphone they offer the glue.


So it is of the best interest if GoPro will replace a cracked screen, but they say Accedental dropping  voids warranty.  I call and request to speak to a manager if the Rep says no.



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Re: Hero 7 Black screen cracked

Thanks mate. I'm in Australia, though I don't mind importing it from anywhere as long as it is the right part. As you said, what you linked is a Hero 6 screen, does that work with the Hero7?

The crack is bad enough that I don't believe it is waterproof anymore anyway. Yeah I understand this is probably not a warrantied repair, I just want it fixed, the screen has gone black.

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Re: Hero 7 Black screen cracked

Hi @adityaw44154,

I am sorry to hear that you have a broken camera. @fishycomics accidental drop voids the warranty and GoPro does not offer parts or repair for any camera. At this point, you may want to contact the support hotline to check for other options: