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Hero 7 Black over heats and does not turn off

I picked up a hero 7 black recently to film my motorcycle trip around Australia. Unfortunately I've been having the following issues:

- Sometimes the camera doesn't turn off or on, when holding the power button. That means turning off the camera would require removing the battery. when it doesn't turn on, connecting it to the charger does the trick.

- Camera over heats when charging and sometimes when its on.

- Battery only lasts less than half hour of recording.

The firmware is reasonably up to date, but these look more like hardware issues than firmware.

Does this sound like a faulty unit?

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Re: Hero 7 Black over heats and does not turn off

Hello @rapidcreek31372. When you were using the camera, were features like QuikCapture, Wake On Voice  and Wi-Fi on? See if turning off these features will clear the power on/off issue.


It is normal for the camera to become warm specially when being charged, or when recording in high-performance modes but the camera should not be too hot to  touch. Good to know that the camera has the latest firmware. If it was not manually updated though, you may try doing so. There are instructions here to guide you. This will help get rid of any possible error with the current installation. It is also important that the camera uses a recommended SD card


The battery life information for HERO7 Black tells that a recording of less than 30 minutes is short, considering that you are not recording in 2.7K, 120 fps or 1080p, 240 fps. Let us know what you find out. Feel free to post back for any question or concern. Many thanks!