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Hero 7 Black observations over the past few weeks....

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So I have seen multiple post on issues and figured I would add my own observations/challenges:


  1. Heat when recording long sessions -  while this is documented I have manages to record for 2+ hours with an external battery and the internal one removed.  
    • I have learned through playing that the high temp shutoff point seems to change when either on just the battery or external power without battery vs external power and battery which has a lower shutoff temperature than the first two.
  2. When recording with battery and external power(temporary dash cam for testing recording times and heat subjection) - 
    • There seems to be something with the connection here as the camera is not hot but it still shuts down, restart and it will record again.  I have had it last for an hour to not even 10 min, I am not sure the rhyme or reason here other than thinking maybe it has something to do with the external power connecter possibly jiggling or the provided power either surging or lagging.
  3. Had issue with battery drain at first but after reading the manual and noting the Voice Command and wifi stayed active when "Powered off" I disabled them and that fixed the issue.



Below is one of the uses I have seen for this camera that I have seen and had frustration with:


So I see these units used a lot at sport events like baseball to record the games, note I use mine in this capacity as well, the #1 issue I see from using them this way from my experience is heat.  It would be nice to have a temperature indication or warning on the GoPro app so that you can at least plan around a possible shutdown scenario. 


That said it would also be nice, since the lens protector surround seems to be a heat sink of sorts, if someone made an attachment for this to allow for helping cool the camera.  I have to say my Yi 4K seemed to not run as hot as my Hero 7 in the same setting mode, note that both still shutdown when in direct sunlight which is my biggest issue, If there was a heat shutdown warning at least I could switch cameras at a convenient before this happens and I have to scramble to fix or just flatout miss it and miss video.

I guess the other issue is if using something like the smart remote or gopro app to monitor the camera causes more heat, so again back to some effective way to cool camera that does not overpower volume.


As I continue to use the camera I will try to update and post new observations.

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Re: Hero 7 Black observations over the past few weeks....

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Also is there any accessable error log?  I.E. if there is a crash or a hang is there an accessable log to see what happened?

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Re: Hero 7 Black observations over the past few weeks....

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Appreciate you posting your observations, @hardywave80501. We will bring these to the team so they can look into them. There is no accessible log for camera crashes but the reports that we get are submitted to teams in charge. Thanks!