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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE

@toughwater4618 wrote:

>That is how Mevo does it, which is who GoPro is chasing at this point.


I actually got this in the hopes of replacing my Mevo and being able to trim one device I have to carry around.

I just did a quick MEVO Plus livestream to our FaceBook page over lunch.  Here are the items that Mevo does out of the box, that the HERO7 will not do (currently).  All could be fixed in the HERO7 with software:

1.) Upside down camera detection
2.) Stream natively to FaceBook Groups (even YouTube and several others) without RTMP.
3.) Ability to change FOV. The Mevo even has zoom and crop to perfectly compose the shot.
4.) Better audio adjustment.
5.) Single smartphone (iphone works best) manages camera as well as streams using the data plan (this is huge!)


Here is the facebook post, if anyone wants to see the video (and my ugly mug):

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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE

Can someone that has the Hero7 comfirm that you can start a live stream from your phone to your personal page like normal and then immediately share the live stream to your business page and see if that works? I was told it does and while not ideal for a business, it would certainly be a viable workaround in my situation of stream sporting games to our team page.
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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE


effectivement grande deception actuellement au niveau du live, impossible de diffuser sur la page fan ( byzness page )

plusieurs solutions en attendant une mise à jour qui pourrait corriger :

- faire un live avec youtube afin de diffuser sur la page facebook est possible je l'ai tester

- sinon diffusion du live sur son compte perso facebook et partager sur sa page fan, par contre toutes les stats iront pour le compte perso !

je signal egalement la grande difficulté du processus de connection avec la camera , obliger de recommencer plusieur fois la manip ulation.

l'ideal serait une mise à jour qui permettrait du choisir une diffusion facebook sur 

- compte perso 

ou page 

ou groupe


à part ce bug LIVE tt le reste est super la qualité du stab, tournage en basse lumiere , script rec insta, time warp...

bravo GOPRO 



Ambassador Gopro



actually big disappointment currently in the live, impossible to broadcast on the fan page (byzness page)

several solutions pending an update that could correct:

- make a live with youtube to broadcast on the facebook page is possible i have tested it

- If not broadcast the live on his personal facebook account and share on his fan page, however all the stats will go to the personal account!

I also point out the great difficulty of the process of connection with the camera, obliging to repeat several times the manipulation.

the ideal would be an update that would allow to choose a broadcast facebook on

- personal account

or page

or group


apart from this bug LIVE tt the rest is great the quality of the stab, shooting in low light, script rec insta, time warp ...

GOPRO bravo



Ambassador Gopro

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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE

Please add the facebook pages streaming as soon as possible! We need to stream from page, not personale profile!!! Thankssss

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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE


I tried to broadcast a live facebook on my business page by following the steps to broadcast via RMTP, without success.

At the time of launching the live after having followed all the configuration steps, it puts me a message "connection error".

Am I the only one to whom this happens?

What a pain and what a pity that live on a business page is not as simple and intuitive as a personal page ... Man Sad

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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE

Forgive me if you already tried this or if I'm misunderstanding your issue, but after a few hours of trying to get things to work I realized I was entering the RTMP address incorrectly (I received the same message as you).

The address and key are entered together in the "Enter Your RTMP URL" field in the following format (for Facebook):


Though it should also be noted, for those tying to stream to a Faceook Page from the field, streaming via RTMP simply provides the feed to Facebook.  You still need to "GO LIVE" from your Facebook page to stream the video feed, and this can currently only be done on a desktop/laptop (as far as I can tell, none of the Facebook apps will allow you to activate the Facebook Live feed).

So, as a previous user stated, in order to stream to a Facebook Page you need 4 devices:  The GoPro, a hotspot device, a second device (phone or tablet) with the GoPro app on it to control the camera, and a laptop/desktop computer logged into your Facebook Page to start the live feed.

Ugh, it's awful.

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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE


If you browse facebook on your phone and set the browsing mode to 'desktop site' and then remove the 'm.' from the start of the Facebook url that will take you to the desktop version, you can then hit the 'go lives' button.
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Re: Hero 7 Black - live stream to Facebook PAGE

Kindly fix this go live feature on a particular fb page, as this was the major reason why I bought this device , if somehow not fixed I would have to return it then