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Hero 7 Black - leaked water in pool

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I can still see water in the poor camera's front LCD...


Whilst filming my son in a pool, I dived underneath the water about 1m deep and started recording. After several seconds the screen froze - at first I assumed was a software glitch as recently I have been experiencing lag.


Then I turned the camera around to look at the lens and noticed there was a water bubble in the front LCD!


I quickly resurfaced and immediately removed the battery. I noticed a bit of water when removing the battery and also inside the USB connector bay...


I'm always very careful to ensure the door is closed properly after recharging so I'm really not sure what happened and what went wrong. Perhaps the rubber seals are giving way? I'm hoping this has come up as some sort of manufacture fault with this batch and is known...?


Otherwise I can't work out why it would have leaked, just have to blame myself for not tripple checking the door.


Is there anything that can be done?

I'm trying to let the camera dry out before I try turning it on - I can still see water in the LCD 24 hours later...


Hoping you may have some suggestions how to rectify my beloved gopro!!


Thank you.


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Re: Hero 7 Black - leaked water in pool

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Hi @michaelw7663



Let our Support Team take a look at what happened.

Please submit a request for a callback through, or initiate a chat conversation with one of our representatives.

It will be best if you can share a picture of the camera with them.




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Re: Hero 7 Black - leaked water in pool

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Inspect the seals please, see if the glue on the seals gave?

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Re: Hero 7 Black - leaked water in pool

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A bit of an update:
1. As suggested in previous post I contacted Gopro support. Friendly but not able to assist with this issue.

2. After 4 days in a bag of rice I inserted the battery and turned it on... it works! Full functions!

3. If I’m to use this underwater again I wanted to test whether I really didn’t shut the door properly or if it’s the seals

-I removed battery and mc
-Put a single layer square of tissue over the charger and hdmi ports.
- folded a tissue to the size of the battery and inserted into the compartment.
- closed all doors very carefully and locked into place
- inserted into a large mouth water bottle and filled with water.
- shook said bottle several times and made sure I rotated the camera so all faces had a shake facing up.
- left the camera about 30 mins submerged
- opened the doors:
Battery first, water droplets visible inside the door. The rectangle black rubber was visibly wet.
Removed folded tissue - notably damp throughout and wet where it was touching the door.

Next Side door opening - even more shocked. The tissue square was absolutely soaked and both ports were full of water!

Very very sad to see that seemingly both door seals have failed...

Any suggestions?
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Re: Hero 7 Black - leaked water in pool

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I get to gopro warranty it request a replacement.


the seals  should be  on sounds like your seal is not seated!