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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Hi @aragon1006,

Yes, I know, I read all 19 pages. I have firmware just 1 revision old 1.7 so it’s not that old. I don’t understand why people don’t recommend doing update by app. What’s the difference? I doubt it’s done without checking the checksum anyway so there should be no difference.
Also I discovered that I don’t need to take out battery. If I hold power button for about 10s and release it the camera starts to work normal again. I’m not sure if it’s doing anything or it’s just how long it freezes but I did it about 10-15 times and it always worked.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Buddy and I just got done surfing with out HERO7 Blacks. As always, no issues. I did have that time months ago when I was using a crappy SanDisk Extreme v30, but luckily I identified the problem card and no longer use it. No issues since. Considering I use my camera 3-4 times a week, I think I've certainly given it plenty of opportunities to give be issues.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Danielr15, and people saying all is comming from the SD card...

Did you use your hero7 with an external

battery and made a 3 or 4 hours 4K movies?

Did you also use the quickCapture mode?

did you use the current last firmware 1.80 ?

If your answer is yes to all these questions then maybe you 

are very lucky as for me it is freezing very often.

And then you will probably be able to explain me

why the 1.70 firmware is more stable?

This is definitively not linked with the memory card.

I have several very good and recents cards and it is the same 

problem. But i am not sure at all that these nice comments

are honnests.

Or maybe you did test only with the internal battery

in lower mode. (and then you are definitively

not at the right place to do this kind of test).


Well i did a 6 hour paragliding movie from the same whole

flight. I had to restart the camera during the flight but 

it has been done (with the previous firmware 1.70).

I of course also lost some flights movies...

The camera freezing or using too much battery

making the camera going to power off like if the cable

was not connected.

It is quite not stable even in 1.70 even if it is really

better than these 1.80.

Yes all these pages of bad comments and still no fix...


But i guess the FUTURE firmware will fix that as usual...

Unfortunately we are not living into this future.






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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Hi Fellow Go Pro’ers,
Unfortunately, I have been experiencing many of the issues discussed in this thread. I addressed my concerns and troubleshooting with GoPro in another thread. Long story short, there was no solution from GoPro that worked and still waiting for a response on my last comment.

Apologize if someone has mentioned this prior, but using Protune has worked to solve a lot of the freezing and crashing for me. I saw someone suggest this somewhere and it has been the only saving grace. Take 5/10 minutes to research this and customize yourself and you will save yourself a lot of headaches. The footage is pretty ideal to me.

I went crazy trying to find the right memory card. If the model number was correct, but the letter was off I wasn’t sure if it was right.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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I'm using 1.80
I always use Protune with custom settings.
Yes, I use Quick Capture
Longest continuous 4K recording I've done with an external power bank is around 2 hours.
Mostly though, I use it as a relatively inexpensive (compared to mirrorless, DSLR, and professional rigs), versatile and rugged action camera. Considering it's small and waterproof body, I'm actually pretty amazed that it can record high resolution and frame rates for as long as it does. I know cameras that cost well into the thousands that overheat and shut down recording long before the HERO7 Black does.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Hi Danielr15.


Thanks for your message.

I believe you and i am agree that this camera is amazing with all these functionality, image quality, stabilisaton, etc.

(And that's why i bought it).


But on my side and for the way i am using it, i am really disapointed:

I Just need to put the camera onto my helmet with an external battery and huge memory card and to forget it many hours (6, 7 or 8 hours...)

My reality is that nfortunately i cannot trust it: quite often i have a problem...

It was already the case with my previous Hero3+ : the camera sometimes was not able to start because the memory card was not

detected correctly for example.  It was quite rare but very frustrating when you did a wonderful flight in paragliding and you really wanted the pictures...

But about the Hero 7 Black case we are talking here, I have OFTEN several problems: 

the camera can stop during the flight without any sound (normaly it is bipping several time when the battery is dead, at least it was the case on the Hero 3+), it can freeze, or when starting it can go back to off just like this (and then starting correctly the next time without any change..)

The camera can also restart many time in a loop... and then it took me several minutes to be able to recover/restart normaly the camera.


Well to summarize: it is very unstable for me.

The 1.70 looks really better for me than the 1.80 (really worse for me and again for the use i do)

I am quite surprised that on mine i have such problem and you not...

Perhaps some camera are not the same, I bought it the very firsts days i don't know if it can be the reason. I would say that the main reason is probably the usage. (should be ok if you can restart it because you are on the ground and not flying with many problems to interact with the camera).

On my side I will have a look to the other camera (and probably even now as this camera is really not stable enough for me).

I am anyway quite surprise that you didn't encountered any crash but why not.

Thanks anyway for your message Daniel.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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It's a bummer that it hasn't worked out for you. I should have mentioned that for long recordings on external power I also remove the battery. I don't know if that will help in your case, but it does seem to help.

If you look to get a different brand/camera, I'd avoid any of the newer waterproof without a case cameras. While they are designed to run for the full length of one battery (about an hour), they all tend to experience issues with extended run times due to increased temperatures. The Sony fdr-x3000 has a pretty good reputation and night be worth looking into. I've also never had an issue with my HERO4 (or HERO3+, but you mentioned you had issues with yours).

Best of luck!

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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All manually updated to 1.80, approved card known to work for recording 40k60 up to full card under testing. Using Protune. (Not sure what magic settings one guy was talking about, I would try but never heard of these) I only use -0.5EV rest default.


Have usid this cam on 95 degree days all day for several hours, like over 4 with no problems before same battery and SD card.


So first test with mic adapter and the cam just freezes constantly. Won't record more than 15 minutes in 70F degrees on a motorcycle (PLENTY of cooling).  4k30 Hypersmooth/ Superview.


I guess I will try with battery out next time but that is risky on it's own since now you're dealing with several potential points of power failure relying on a cord and scitchy USB connections.  What a giant waste of money and time this has been. Should have got a Chinese cam or DJI or almost anything else.


Check out what it does at 12:00 in vid I made yesterday. About ready to send this back to gorpo, sell the one I get back or "repaired" (used), sell all the gorop specific stuff and never look back.

It sounds better than anything I've tried yet! Unfortunately this setup causes my GoPro to constantly freeze and lock up. Check vid at 12:00 (after ride) for...
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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So, I updated my GoPro to the lastest firmware version, it worked just fine on one day, the next day it crashed while I was recording only 1080p video. What a piece of expensive junk.


Of course, I had previously done everything the GoPro support had told me to do and I am using an approved memory card.



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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Well I got my used refurbished replacement and finally got to test it once in real world use (helmet cam on bike with mic adapter).. Seems to work ok so far, but so did my defective one at first so we'll see how it goes.


Funny thing is that support on phone told me to buy a specific card to test.. He said Sandisk Extreme had better write speed than the ones I was using even though they were on the list. Well both seems to work fine..  but I did a test and it doesn't perform that differently than my Samsung cards. In fact in some ways worse.  Of course there may be a bottleneck at USB 3 card reader but not sure. It is a fast reader.


I don't think the cards I was using have anything to do with it!  Both on recommended card list.





sandisk vs samsung sd card final.jpg
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Hi guys,

I recently (26/12/2019) bought a GoPro Hero 7 black and I love it, it's a massive upgrade over my OLD GoPro Hero (2014).

I understand the frustration of such an expensive device not working.

I want to help you.

My camera shiped with firm 1.70 and I'm currently running 1.90.

I don't have a computer capable of 4K 50 (sometimes it struggles even with 25) so I run my camera at 1080p. (I'm in a PAL region)

I'll do a "long" 4K 60 to test but so far I had just one problem. When I review my content on a UHD TV thru microHDMI sometimes the menus is unresponsive.

I only have this old Samsung 32GB sd card but it works (I guess).

I'll let you guys know.


Good Luck