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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

Have you tried at least one card off of the recommended list?
Not a similar card, but actual model number (make/model/size)?

You stated "countless" but exactly which one? Samsung Evo (unless Plus, not +, or Select) is not a recommended card (and certainly not at 256GB). "Older" SanDisk are not recommended, and certainly not if it isn't an Extreme model (and unless it's new or has v30). Going out and buying a v90? Why? Why spend the money on a card not on the list? Because you think it will work better?

With a card from the approved list (preferably 64 GB)
Format in your computer (full, not quick) even if new
Download firmware update to your computer
Extract UPDATE folder
Place UPDATE folder (not on the card
Factory Reset camera (Preferences>Reset)ut card in camera and turn in using side Mode/Power button
Once update completes format card in camera (Preferences>Reset)
Factory Reset camera (Preferences>Reset)
Delete any instances of camera from mobile app
Go through setup process on camera and connect to app
Go to settings and scroll down to date/time
Press date/time to sync
Exit settings
Take two pictures
Record two short videos
It should be working
If not, contact GoPro Support to arrange for an exchange

By the way, BBB is a joke. It's just a Mafia type business where any company can basically buy a good review (source: I've used it for previous companies I've owned). Nobody cares about BBB ratings anymore. It's not a government agency and is powerless to do anything, so enjoy wasting time with that.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

@danielr15 wrote:
You might want to look up the word "literally". 😝😂🤣

If you're going to try to correct someone, you should really make sure you're correct first. Because it was literally the correct usage.

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

Ummm, no. It wasn't.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

Same issues here 


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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

I have tried many sd cards running sandisk extrene pro and still issues camera is unreliable .

They need to sub  out the firmware  to someone to many issues  . The cameras i have replaced my other gopros with the firmware is bulletproof and the cameras are half the money i spent on this camera .The 7 black is the only camera in the gopro line up that can beat my other cameras  and that is in hypersmooth stabilization only .  But satbilization is very good on my other cam also .looks like i am walking away again 


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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

Yeah, same here. I don't plan on buying any GP ever again

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

Same here. First time GoPro buyer. Bought the Hero 7 Black I think in Nov. 2018 specifically for a Feb. 2019 trip to Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea including using for diving, so extremely low use (less that 2 hours probably) before using it in French Polynesia.

Upon purchasing it back in Nov., I ran latest firware update and the VERY first time using it just walking the dog around the neighborhood while filming to "try it out", noticed it "locked up" or "froze" multiple times. Each time had to pull the battery out and reinsert and camera would work normally once again for a period of time before freezing up once again. I didn't think too much of it at first and hoped was just temporary hiccups.

During trip to French Polynesia was using FOUR different MicroSD cards purchased at different times and from different retailers, that are EXACT matches for "supported" cards on GoPros own web site... 64GB SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDHC UHS-I (UHS3 / V30 / A1) modal SDSQXBG-032G-GN6MA.

During the trip only just a few weeks ago, the camera was CONSTANTLY freezing up on me both when just in standby mode as well as during recording sometimes. It would also freeze up when switching between shooting modes (i.e. from Video to Photo modes or vic versa). MOST of the time I had to pull and reinsert the battery to get it normal again for a period of time. Sometimes, but noticibly less often, holding the Power Button for 10 seconds would clear the issue.

I cannot tell you the outrage I was feeling. This was a once in a life time EXPENSIVE trip. There was no going back to reshoot things later. When Diving I was stressed the whole dive because was in fear the camera would freeze up and ruin any chance of capturing the once in a lifetime moments since I could not exactly pull the battery out while diving at 60 feet.

I was almost exclusively shooting in 4K 60 fps, but also some 2.7 (60fps) and 1080 (120fps). Did not notice any correlation to when it would freeze up. Also, had Protune ALWAYS 'Off', but Low Light set to default 'Auto'.

As a first time GoPro buyer, words could not express how dissappointed I was/am and how unlikley I may be to ever purchase another or recommend to anyone including all FB, Twitter, and Instagram followers UNLESS GoPro steps up and does the right thing by admitting a problem and objectively solving it for those affected for this expensive equipment. 


Since getting back home less than 2 weeks ago, I am only just now finally having a chance to start googling the issue and realizing how widespread this issue seems to be, though ironically enough, I meet a few other GoPro 7 users in French Polynesia while there just within the past couple weeks and asked them if there were expericing any "freezing" issues and sure enough both indicated they were.



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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Hi all. Exactly same problem. Just bought it for my trip in french Alps...during this day it many times...I knew that because voice control didn't respond...Freezes can be fixed sometimes just by switching off/on....but sometimes the only way was to remove battery...I mess so many greats moments because of it !!!! Damned GoPro find a fix !! You took our money ...Now use it usefully !!!