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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Using the SanDisk 128GB card, I'm still experiencing instability. 

I think it's time to call and complain. I'd love to hear the excuse for this. -_-

Save your money, don't buy this camera until it's ready on the software/firmware side.

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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I'm sick of this, calling the company, I want this fixed. Running in less than 20 deg C ambient temp, recording 4k/60 f/s with GPS off, The camera is getting up to 65+ deg C, the battery is dead from full in 10-15 min, I feel like I was robbed! >:( 


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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Other side..

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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GoPro accepted RMA.

I will update this post to inform others who may find it on the cause, or at least if a new camera/battery solves the aforementioned issues. 

Please, I encourage others to post a reply if they are experiencing instability similar to what I've described here. If there is a problem with a specific lot, factory source, or otherwise the entire Hero 7 line, I want GoPro and other consumers to make a note of it. That way, either the problem is addressed, or it isn't and people know it's buyer beware.

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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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hi @benj838,


be careful.


if you are talking about Samsung EVO+ 256GB is not a recomended one.

this is an older 2016 model.

the newer 2017 model Samsung replaced the sign "+" with "plus" and are differences in the write speed, minimum 10Mbps vs minimum 30Mbps.



"+" code:     MB-MC256DA/yy

"plus" code: MB-MC256GA/yy






Card Name                           Model #                HERO7 Black HERO7 Silver HERO7 White

Samsung EVO Plus 128GBMB-MC128GA/AMY                     Y                     Y                    
Samsung EVO Plus 256GBMB-MC256GA/AMYYY


just me,


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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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@jayr3438@robert1326 thank you!

Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB does work.  On HERO6 (I downgraded after even worse stability problems with HERO7, which is how I got to this thread).


To recap: I was seeing crashes with the approved (and correct vintage) Samsung Evo Plus 256GB.  I would estimate one hard failure per 20-30H of continuous recording.  Reflashing did not help.




I have a theory about memory cards.  Just a theory, but now backed by 100+ hours of recording tests.  Not as skilled as @spiryridge28656 but perhaps these will jive with your observations.




1. Many (all?) SD cards stumble from time to time with a bad write.  The SD card's firmware automatically retries writes, but during this time new video data is queued on the camera.  If the card has slow re-write times (more likely to happen on larger cards with larger write buffers), it's possible that the camera's RAM is just not deep enough.  Crash.


2. This is why sustained performance measurements (U3 / V30 etc) are not enough to "guarantee" the card.  The card has to recover quickly enough from a hiccup, not just have 30MB/s sustained write time.  That specific stat is not reported by manufacturers and might even change between batches.  Even worse, all cards will have errors as they age.  


3. I agree with @spiryridge28656 - HERO6/7 temperatures seem to be proportional to bitrate.


4. The HERO7 stresses cards more because it has higher bitrates.  The camera is running early firmware that is not as polished as HERO6 and may have even less buffer as a result.


5. If you believe #1 (and it's just a theory).... The right solution is for GoPro to allocate more RAM for queuing.  The 2nd best solution is to detect a memory overflow and make a heroic effort to write this fact to the card.  Yeah the camera's gonna crash, but the right error message on the next reboot would reduce the number of returned cameras.







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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Just to add a little to this. SD cards can have manufacturer errors, do wear down (especially at the connectors), have a limited amount of read/write (although it's very unlikely to reach this), and also tend to have lower performance the higher the storage capacity.

I can't find the article at the moment, but if I do I'll post the link, but it explained the differences of SD cards (it was about Samsung in particular, but I assume it's for all SD cards) and how there is a significant difference between the Samsung Evo (Plus) line and Samsung Pro cards. Basically it comes down to how each utilizes memory elements to obtain the storage capacity.

Flash memory (SD cards included) can be manufactured to utilize one of these storage methods:
SLC (1 bit per cell) - fastest, highest cost
MLC (2 bits per cell)
TLC (3 bits per cell)
QLC (4 bits per cell) - slowest, least cost

The Samsung Pro cards use MLC for their high storage cards whereas Samsung Evo Plus use TLC. MLC is more reliable, faster, last longer, and uses less power consumption while TLC are less reliable, slower, have a shorter life span, and have higher power consumption. TLC benefits from higher storage density and lower cost, which is why the cheaper models of SD cards utilize it.

When a SD card is inserted into the camera, it becomes a part of the camera's circuity. While it always helps to use a recommended SD card, if possible you should also try a second card (even if it's the same make/model) if you are having issues. Sometimes it's just that particular SD card. Doing a FULL format in a computer can also help as this will mark any bad sectors as unusable so your less likely to encounter issues.

I've also found that using the least amount of storage capacity needed seems to give the best results. If you search through these forums and others, it's almost always a 128GB or 256GB card that is causing the user issues. I find this on other tech forums as well, so it's not just a GoPro issue.

Lastly, and it shouldn't really matter, but it does, do not delete or modify files during your shoot. Wait until you're done. I suspect it has to do with sequential writing, but I've noticed that if I start deleting files during the shoot, it definitely increases the chances of getting an error or slower performance. When you are done with the day's shoot, make and deletions you want, but then offload the media and format your card. If possible, don't store your media on the card and always do a format in the camera before starting a shoot.
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Re: Hero 7 Black freezing, crashing, unexpected behavior

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Mine crashes costantly. Sometimes it crashes and looks like it's turned off but keeps draining the battery. Battery life is maybe 2-3h tops. Often I have to take the battery out to turn it on or off. Doesn't want to pair with any of my 3 phones. What a crap. I really should've just gone with Hero4 or some chinese action cam instead but I fell for the hypersmooth trap.

Running Samsung Evo and Plus cards, brand new.